Cleaning Supplies Hacks That Save Money

Are you trying to save money on cleaning supplies?

Nothing can blow your budget quite as quickly as these items. If you need a way to keep your home clean on a budget, maybe I can help you out. 

These tips aren’t magic. They require you to shift your focus when considering how you can maintain a clean home without spending tons of money.

Here’s what you should know to cut expenses on cleaning supplies:

1. Save Money Through DIY

The easiest way to save money on cleaning supplies is by making them yourself. It’s inexpensive and easy. 

A DIY all-purpose cleaner is made by soaking leftover citrus rinds in vinegar. The vinegar is the cleaning agent, and the rinds produce a nice citrus scent.

You can clean your shower with dish soap and use a dish scrubber. Vinegar can also be used to clean toilets, surfaces, and glass. 

When in doubt, head over to Pinterest, find DIY cleaning recipes, and put them to good use around your home for pennies on the dollar.

2. Shop Sales for Cleaning Supplies

If there are cleaning products you love, only buy them when they’re on sale. You can shop the sale circulars and stock-up when the prices are low.

Also, don’t forget to shop in stores which sell items in bulk. If you can purchase your cleaning supplies in bulk, it might help you save extra money.

By stockpiling items when they’re on sale or available in bulk, you could avoid damaging your budget

3. Coupon for Cleaning Supplies

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Are you a couponer? I once was, but now that I quarterly grocery shop I don’t find as much of a need for it.

However, when it comes to cleaning supplies, there are amazing coupons which can help you save a bundle.

If you need help finding the sales and coupons, consider using a site like Southern Savers. They match weekly sales with coupons.

When the coupon can be found in a link, they provide it. Use these tips to help you buy what you need without paying full price. 

4. Head to the Dollar Store

If I run out of cleaning supplies, and I’m in between grocery trips, I head to my local dollar store. This is a great way to buy cleaning supplies for a minimal amount of money.

Some stores even offer name brand products and everything is only a dollar. The sizes might be smaller than in big box stores, but the price is worth it in my opinion.

If cleaning supplies are consistently blowing a hole in your budget, buy them from your local dollar store to save money and keep your budget intact.  

5. Reconsider How You Clean

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Another way I’ve managed to save money on cleaning supplies is by changing how I clean. I use my shower cleaning hack to save on bathroom products.

I make my own all-purpose cleaner to clean my kitchen surfaces. The only other cleaning items I need are something to dust with and something to mop with.

In recent years, I’ve switched to a feather duster and a vacuum wand. I use the attachment on my vacuum cleaner to suck up the dust my feather duster knocks on the ground.

I also use a steam mop. This mop steam cleans my floors and only requires water. I love how clean my floors are, and I love that it doesn’t need a special cleaner to get the job done. 

These are my five tips to help you save money on cleaning supplies. If you’re tired of cleaning supplies ruining your budget, hopefully these tips can help you save money and stay on track.

Cleaning your home is important. It helps you maintain what you have and might help your family stay healthier. Don’t let finances hinder your home from remaining as clean as possible. 

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