10 Reasons to Save Money

Do you need a few good reasons to save money? Are you a hesitant saver?

Truthfully, I’ve always been a saver. I don’t like feeling like my money is controlling me. Therefore, I learned to control my money at an early age.

However, I understand how hesitant people feel because I’m married to one. He feels like he’ll regret denying himself today in case he doesn’t make it until tomorrow.

If you feel like this, I want to introduce you to a few reasons to save money. These reasons are what finally convinced my husband to stop spending and give saving money a try.

Here are a few reasons to save money:

1. Avoid a Life of Debt is One of Many Great Reasons to Save Money

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This first reason was the reason I chose to be a saver from a young age. I saw too many people get trapped in a life of debt, and I didn’t want this.

I’ve experienced debt in my life because I went with the flow on certain purchases instead of standing with what I knew to be the right thing. I’ve also paid the price of stress when the monthly bills were due.

Over the years, I learned to become more vocal on saving for things. My husband and I both agree we enjoy what we purchase now because we don’t have the dreaded stress of, “Great, now I have to pay for this next month.”

It’s a liberating experience to not be a servant of debt.

2. Set an Example is One of the Valuable Reasons to Save Money

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Another one of my reasons to save money is to set an example. Children aren’t born with the ability to know how to manage money.

In fact, we’re all born with a fleshly desire to serve ourselves. Therefore, debt is our knee-jerk reaction. We must teach our children a different way.

This is why our children are a part of our money-saving conversations. We teach them the importance of budgeting, saving, and giving. It’s our hope that our children will learn how to manage their money and prosper for it in the future.

3. Quit Working is One of the Prime Reasons to Save Money

My husband and I believe in hard work, so I’m not advocating for you to save money to avoid working in the long run.

However, I do hope to retire one day. I don’t just want to retire. I want to retire comfortably. I must save money for this dream to be my reality.

Some people are banking on social security to carry them through, and I hope it’s there when I’m too old to work. I plan on being prepared either way.

4. Living Your Life

Here is the reality of life. You only get one chance. Your ride could be short, or it can be long. However, you won’t be on your death bed thinking, “I’m so glad I purchased the house I couldn’t afford. It allowed me to work a ton of hours and do nothing else with my life, but I’m glad I had the nicest house on the block.”

By saving money and living a frugal lifestyle, you have the ability to have more life experiences. You should have money to take trips with loved ones, enjoy a few restful vacations, and have many memories when that’s all you have left.

If you don’t save your money, you won’t have those experiences. Wasting money on frivolous toys, or overextending yourself on mortgages and car payments, will hinder how many life experiences you get to enjoy while you’re still alive and well enough to enjoy things.

5. One of the Top Reasons to Save Money: In Case of an Emergency

There are times in life when the wheels fly off your cart. If an appliance breaks, you need a new HVAC system, you get a flat tire, have a larger car repair, and more, you’ll be glad you’re a saver.

Yes, you’ll pull the money from your savings account, and you will have to replace the money once it’s used.

However, you won’t have to fret where the money is going to come from or how you’ll afford an extra credit card bill every month.

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6. Create Gorgeous Spaces

One thing I love about saving money is creating gorgeous spaces around my home. I’ve focused on turning my home into my happy place, so I don’t have to travel to relax.

Leading a frugal lifestyle has helped us be able to afford a few DIY projects. We’ve also saved money through DIYing what we do.

These places allow me a space to relax and take in the scenery around us. I love resting around our firepit, on our back deck, or in my greenhouse.

7. You Control Money and Not the Other Way Around

I was raised by a single parent. My mom did everything right. She married her high school sweetheart, was married for almost ten years before they began having children and stayed married for twenty years.

Unfortunately, things didn’t pan out. She ended up raising two kids on her own, and she worked hard making sure we had everything we needed.

I saw how hard she worked, but she’ll admit that finances dictated her life. They determined how many jobs she worked or how many hours she had to put in if she was only working one job.

I’m mindful of these things because I don’t want money to control my life. It’s a necessary tool, but the carpenter controls the hammer. It was never meant to be the other way around. For this reason, I lead a frugal lifestyle.

8. Give More Money

When you save money, there’s more room in your budget to give. As I mentioned above, there are people in this world who do everything right but life still throws them a curveball.

Those people might need help from time to time. By managing our finances, we might be able to afford to go above our 10% tithe to the church.

Maybe you could sponsor a child who lives in poverty. You might be able to buy gift cards and leave them in random places around a grocery store and be a help to the single parent who makes too little to thrive but too much to receive any assistance.

This is important. It’s vital that we pour into the lives of those around us, even if done so anonymously. It’s also important we give to remain humble. Humility will always remind you how blessed you are and destroy the chances of the love of money taking over your life.

9. Less Stress: One of My Top Reasons to Save Money

Have you ever had more bills than money? Even as a saver, it has happened in my life. I’ve been thrown a few curveballs in my time as well.

I know the stress of wondering how I was going to meet the bills and take care of my family. The only way to stop the cycle was to make more money and live as though we had less.

Though this might sound counterintuitive, it equated to less stress for myself and my husband. We decided peace of mind was worth a lot and have continued to live as frugally as possible over the years.

10. More Enjoyment Out of Life

Stress kills joy. Buying more “stuff” equates to more bills, higher financial obligations, and more stress in your life.

Unfortunately, this is a vicious cycle too many fall prey to. Then they wonder why their life is so hard or miserable.

Ultimately, it’s because of bad financial decisions. Keep the joy in your life by learning how to control money and save more money than you spend.

These are ten good reasons as to why you should consider saving money. The tools we have in life are there to help us thrive and advance.

However, many times we let tools (like money) take over and dictate our lives. Learn to live within your means and anytime you need encouragement, to keep being a “saver” instead of a “spender”, let these ten reasons give you a boost.

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