How to Save Money When You’re Already on a Budget

Are you trying to save money when you’re already on a budget?

I’ve been there, too. It can feel defeating at times because you think, “How can I possibly save any more money?”

This is where all the fun ideas come into play. You’re past the basic tips of eating at home more or driving less.

You’re someone who wants to go past saving money and enter into the world of frugality. You’re my people which is why I’m going to share some of the additional things I do to save even more money though I’m already on a budget.

Here are some new ideas for saving money:

1. DIY Bread to Save Money When You’re Already on a Budget

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I know bread is inexpensive, but it can be even cheaper if you’ll make it yourself. Buy the ingredients in bulk and create a day where you make bread.

If baking bread seems like too much time and energy for you (No judgment! We all have busy seasons.) consider purchasing a bread machine. They’re easy to use and can still help you save on this kitchen staple.

2. Homemade Laundry Detergent to Save Money When You’re Already on a Budget

Laundry detergent is expensive . . . even the cheap stuff has increased their prices. Stop spending money on laundry detergent.

Instead, find a recipe that works for you. Most recipes include borax, laundry bar soap, and washing powder. You can also make DIY dryer sheets and fabric softener to save even more.

3. DIY Home Care Items

Cleaning your home is important, but it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg to keep a clean house. Instead, you can make many of your own cleaning products.

Vinegar is great for using as a kitchen cleaner. It should be diluted and mixed with a fresh lemon rind to provide a better scent for your home.

4. DIY Pet Food

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I wouldn’t recommend changing your pet’s food without speaking to your veterinarian first. Sometimes sudden changes in an animal’s diet can cause them to have health issues.

However, if your vet tells you how to gradually change your pet’s food, you should consider making it yourself. Then you can control the ingredients while saving money, too.

5. Pamper Yourself at Home While Saving Money When You’re Already on a Budget

There are some things I like to do because they make me feel good. For instance, having painted nails, painted toenails, and waxed eyebrows make me feel put together.

However, these things add up when you pay someone else to do them. If you’re trying to save even more money, invest in the equipment to provide these services to yourself at home.

6. Change Your Own Oil While Saving Money When You’re Already on a Budget

As our cars become fancier, and can go longer between oil changes, the price of the oil changes increase.

However, if you’re someone who can change your own oil, you can save money by doing this yourself. Don’t forget to check your tire pressure and rotate your tires as needed.

7. Watch the Electricity to Save Money When You’re Already on a Budget

There are many ways to save on your electricity, and I hope to write an article detailing these ways in the near future.

In the meantime, save money on your electric bill by turning off lights that aren’t in use, using your air conditioner and heater less, and turn off the television when not in use.

8. Stop Using Your Dryer to Save Money When You’re Already on a Budget

One of the biggest energy suckers in a home is a dryer. You can reduce your electric bill by not using your dryer when the weather is warmer.

Instead, create a clothesline to hang your clothes on. It might require a little extra work on your part, but it should save money and give you a little more physical activity.

9. DIY Home Décor

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In my younger days, I was living on a budget and trying to remodel a house as well. How did we accomplish this? We DIYed our home remodel.

We created whitewashed plywood kitchen floors. I loved them, by the way. We built our own cabinets, created our own countertops, and painted everything ourselves. Use Pinterest as your DIY guide to remodel your home while living on a budget.

10. Grow Your Own Food to Save Money When You’re Already on a Budget

Growing my own food is one of the main ways I save money. We raise a few larger gardens around our home, and we have a small greenhouse.

I use these areas to raise enough food, so we can preserve our own food. It tastes great and saves money on groceries throughout the year.

11. Buy in Bulk

Shaving money from your grocery bill is an ideal way to save even more money. Buying in bulk can help you do this.

There are some products you can buy in bulk and not need to purchase it again for months. This will help trim your grocery budget even further.

12. Quarterly Grocery Shop to Save Money When You’re Already on a Budget

This is the main way I save my family money. I take one paycheck, every three to four months, and stock our home to the brim with everything we need.

Between stockpiling and growing our own food, I can live out of our pantry for months. I still must buy dairy products once a month, but this method of grocery shopping saves our family hundreds of dollars each month.

13. Trim More of Your Budget

If you’re living on a budget, and you still need to save more, it’s time to look at the items that you like having but aren’t necessities.

One such item might be your television bill. It’s nice entertainment, but if you need the money more, you should drop the TV subscription. Look at your budget and see what other bills you can rid yourself of.

14. Buy Manager’s Specials to Save Money When You’re Already on a Budget

This last tip is great for anything you must buy. Always look for manager’s specials or items listed as “seconds.”

You can find clothes which are seconds that are half the price because of a minor issue during manufacturing. Food that isn’t bad, but will be in a few days, will be deeply reduced. You can purchase it to eat immediately or toss it in your freezer. These are a few ways to save more money on necessities.

If you’re living on a budget and feel like you need to save even more money, I understand how you’re feeling.

Saving money can be overwhelming at times. Hopefully these tips will inspire new ways for you to save even more money each month.

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