Make Working from Home Easier With These 11 Tips

Work from Home Easier with these 11 Tips

Has COVID-19 put you in the position to work from home? Are you searching for ways to make working from home easier?

I’ve been working from home for six years, and it is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I love my jobs, I love the industry I’m in, but the struggles are real when working remotely.

This is why I’ll be bringing you a few tips to make working from home easier. Here’s what you must know:

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1. You Need a Schedule to Make Working from Home Easier

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Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you can lounge around all day. You still have a job to do.

It’s a good idea to create a schedule and decide what your working hours will be. Create a work routine and stick to it to make working from home easier.

2. Create Goals

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Every Sunday, I sit down with my calendar and a piece of paper. I look at everything I need to get done in the upcoming week.

It’s important to have goals for the week to ensure you’re moving forward when you’re not feeling motivated.

3. The Kids Must be Entertained to Make Working from Home Easier

If you’re a parent and trying to work from home, you probably have a million interruptions a day. It’s important to keep your children occupied while you work.

You can supply art projects, chores, allow them their electronics time, or hire a nanny to care for the kids while you work.

4. An Office is a Must to Make Working from Home Easier

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If you want to make working from home easier, create an office space. This can be difficult if you don’t have a ton of room.

At our previous house, I was able to convert an extra bedroom into an office. I now live in a much smaller home, so I’ve turned a corner of my bedroom into my office space. It works, and I have ample room to get my job done.

5. Rest is Essential to Make Working from Home Easier

It may sound odd, but if you want to make working from home easier, stay rested. If you’re tired, it can make staying focused on your job extremely difficult.

This is why it’s important to make sure you’re getting enough sleep at night. It might even be a good idea to take a power nap on your lunch break to help you feel rested and focused.

6. Be Flexible to Make Working from Home Easier

If you can’t be flexible, working from home will be difficult. The reality is, when you work from home, life happens.

A package will be delivered, your dog will bark, or the kids will need something in the midst of your work schedule. Learn to smile and roll with it.

7. Work Away from Home to Make Working from Home Easier

If your home is a madhouse, you may not be able to work from home effectively. Don’t assume that because your job has allowed you to go remote that this means you must work at home.

Pack up your computer and head to a quiet place to work (if you can.) A coffee house, library, or even a quiet spot outside might make an adequate office space for you.

8. Routine Will Make Working from Home Easier

I’ve already discussed the importance of creating a work schedule, but you also must maintain a routine to make working from home easier.

If you get up, eat breakfast, start work, and end your workday at the same time, your body will become adjusted. It will be as if you were working in a traditional office setting.

9. Take Scheduled Breaks

Scheduled breaks are a must when you work from home. I usually take a break between jobs. Where I’m a freelancer, I work for multiple clients.

I make it a point to take a break between projects because my brain will start to feel like mush otherwise. Find the times when you need a mental break, schedule it into your day, and take a breather.

10. Take Advantage of What You Can Do

Working from home can be tough, but there are a ton of benefits. You no longer need to commute, you can do what you want when you take a break, and you’re always there for those in your home when they need you.

Take advantage of the benefits working-from-home provides. When you take a break, bake something. Since you’re no longer commuting, get extra sleep in the mornings. If your kids need you while you’re working, smile and be there because working from home allows you to.

11. Be Positive

It’s easy to get in a funk when you work from home. I get extremely tired sometimes because I’m constantly shifting gears.

How do I overcome these feelings? I choose to be thankful! I’m able to be at home, work part-time, and help provide for my family. 

Plus, I have a flexible schedule. That’s a blessing I don’t take for granted. Find what you’re thankful for and focus on those things when working remotely gets tough.

These are 11 tips to help you make working from home easier. Whether you’re working from home because you have a flexible job, or you’re working from home due to COVID, you can make it a positive experience.

Use some of these tips to help develop a work-from-home routine and make the best out of this wonderful opportunity. 

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