Freezer Breakfast Ideas to Simplify Your Mornings

Mornings are tough, but they can become much easier thanks to freezer breakfast ideas.

It can be hard to get everyone moving in the same direction, even with the best family schedule. One way my family stays ahead of the chaos is by creating make-ahead breakfasts.

There are many fun breakfast recipes which are a great way to start your day. Once you have the recipe, make it, freeze it, and pull it out when you need it.

You won’t need to scour the internet looking for your own recipes. I’ve got them right here in one convenient location.

Here are freezer breakfast ideas sure to make your mornings easier:

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1. Freezer Bagel Breakfast Sandwiches

Do you enjoy a good breakfast sandwich to start your day? Check out this recipe for bagel breakfast sandwiches. It’s a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on a bagel.

Unfamiliar with freezer cooking? Check out this video to find out how you can begin freezer cooking.

2. Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches

It shouldn’t be surprising how many people want a breakfast sandwich to start their day. They’re easy-to-make, filling, versatile, and great for eating on the run. This tutorial shows you how to make a variety of breakfast sandwiches to get your morning started on the right foot.

Use this recipe binder to organize your favorite recipes! 

3. Freezer Ready French Toast Sticks

When you buy French toast sticks from the store, they’re expensive for the quantities you get. Instead, make these French toast sticks which are ready for the freezer and much more cost-effective.

4. Freezer Breakfast Quesadillas

This tutorial walks you through how to make (and freeze) breakfast quesadillas in four different ways. You won’t get bored with this many options.

5. Freezer Fruit and Yogurt Smoothie Bags

If your mornings are like mine, I don’t have time to cut up fruit to make smoothies. This is where these bags come into play. The fruit is cut, frozen, and proportioned into a bag.

Yogurt is frozen in ice cube trays and proportioned into the bags too. On busy mornings, dump the bags into a blender, and you’ve got smoothies!

6. Sausage and Cheese Biscuits

These biscuits remind me of sausage balls, only bigger. They’re made from shredded hash browns, cheese, sausage, and a few other basic ingredients. You can have an entire breakfast in one bite.

7. Freezer Pancakes

Freezer pancakes are one of my go-to breakfast ideas for my kids. They’re easy-to-make, frugal, and the kids love them!

8. Veggie Packed Freezer Ready Breakfast Sandwiches

This breakfast sandwich is made from English muffins and a scrambled egg mixture. The mixture contains eggs, spinach, and roasted red peppers. Once the concoction is piled on the muffin, it’s topped with cheese.

9. Freezer Breakfast Bowls

Breakfast bowls are a great way to cook in bulk, freeze, and save money. They consist of potatoes, veggies, cheese, and eggs. Cook it all together, and you’ve got an amazing breakfast when you’re in a hurry.

10. Scrambled Egg Bites

These egg bites have as much variety as you do imagination. Scramble eggs, add salt and pepper, and top them off with any meat, vegetable, or cheese you desire.

Keep up with all your freezer meals with this helpful freezer inventory list. 

11. Make and Freeze Waffles

When my kids get bored with pancakes, we switch to waffles. I love making and freezing waffles because they’re another frugal and easy breakfast recipe my kids will devour any morning of the week.

Need a waffle maker? Check this one out! 

12. Freezer Friendly Banana Bread Muffins

Do you love the scrumptious taste of banana bread? It’s one of my favorites and easy to make, too! Make these freezer friendly banana bread muffins to enjoy even on the busiest of mornings.

13. 15-Minute Make Ahead Breakfast Pizza

If you enjoy pizza, even for breakfast, you’re going to love this freezer breakfast idea. It’s a breakfast pizza which contains bagels, eggs, bacon, and cheese. They freeze beautifully and are great for your busy mornings.

14. Freezer Breakfast Pastries

When I was growing up, one of my favorite breakfasts was a Toaster Strudel. This is what this recipe reminds me of. It’s a puff pastry filled with your choice of jam. How easy and delicious!

15. A Quiche to Build a Dream On

This quiche is a pie crust filled with eggs, meats, cheeses, and veggies. It’s great for dinner or a freezer breakfast. The best thing about this quiche is you can pull it straight from the freezer and bake. No thawing necessary!

16. Freezer Breakfast Cupcakes

Don’t get too excited by the name. These “cupcakes” are actually a savory breakfast muffin. They consist of toast, sausage, eggs, cheese, and seasonings. Though they aren’t a sweet cupcake, it’s still an awesome way to start your day.

17. Freezer Baked Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a fan-favorite around my house. If your family enjoys baked oatmeal, you must try this freezer friendly breakfast idea. It’s great for a quick breakfast and healthy too!

18. Easy Parfait Breakfast Popsicles

Do you enjoy a good popsicle from time to time? Why not have popsicles for breakfast? Thanks to this parfait recipe, you can enjoy popsicles any time of the day.

19. Freezer Cinnamon Rolls

When I first began freezer cooking, cinnamon rolls were one of the first items I made. My family loved them. If your family loves cinnamon rolls, too, you must check out these homemade cinnamon rolls which freeze beautifully.

20. Freezer French Toast Casserole

Do you love French toast but don’t have time to make it regularly? You can now have the flavors you love in this delicious (and freezer-friendly) French toast casserole.

21.  Low Carb Freezer Breakfast Burritos

If you love the taste of a breakfast burrito, but need it to be healthy and convenient, this is your recipe. These burritos are filled with veggies, cheese, and meat. Even better, they can be made with a low-carb tortilla for fewer carbs.

You now have over 20 different freezer-friendly breakfast ideas. Hopefully this will help you and your family to eat healthier and save money by skipping the drive-thru on busy mornings.

Since you have these delicious recipes, pick your favorites, buy the ingredients, and start cooking. Bona-petite!

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