9 Fun Ways to Use Old Tires in Your Garden Space

Have you been using old tires in or around your garden?

Are you interested in upcycling scrap items around your property?

Either way, many people have created some cute ideas on how to use old tires in their garden as décor or for gardening purposes.

I’ve scoured the internet and put these ideas together in one convenient location.

Hopefully these ideas will inspire you in your own garden:

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1. The DIY Tire Planter

Do you have an old tire which is getting in the way? Paint the tire, hang it from a tree, and plant flowers in it.

The flowers will drape outside of the tire and become a beautiful centerpiece in your yard or garden. It’s inexpensive and eye-catching.

2. Tire Wishing Well Planters

If you have a stack of old tires, leave them stacked. You can paint them a fun color, add markings to make them look like bricks, and fill them with dirt.

Add a top, which looks like the top of a wishing well, and place them in your yard or garden. You can use old tires to make a wishing well unique to your garden.

Try these paint pens to create your brick design. 

3. DIY Toadstools

Need a comfy place to sit in your garden? This seat could be used as a place to hang out and enjoy the beauty or as a place to rest after working in your garden.

Either way, you can make these adorable seats from old tires. They’ll fit in perfectly to the garden setting and be functional, too.

4. Stacked Tire Garden

If you have a multitude of old tires, paint them, and stack them in a unique way. Once they’re arranged, fill the tires with dirt.

From there, you can fill them with a variety of plants. It’s an easy and inexpensive make-shift garden space by using what you already have.

5. Tire Steps

Do you need steps to get to or from your garden? You can use old tires to create some. This idea buries them in the ground.

The tires are filled with mulch or soil to avoid twisting an ankle when using them. From there, you space them as you would any steps.

6. The Fancy DIY Tire Planter

This idea takes planting in a tire one step further than most. They show you how to make the rim of a tire flexible.

From there you can give the planter a fancy edge. This gives the planter a unique look which would add to any patio or garden.

Looking for easy-to-grow crops to plant in your tire projects? Check out this video for helpful tips! 

7. The Tire Teacup Planter

This is such a cute and frugal way to create a unique planter to showcase your gorgeous flowers or crops.

Stack tires, paint them, use part of the tire to construct a handle, and you have a teacup made of tires. Fill the planter with dirt, and you’re ready to start growing.

8. Tire Plant Stands

Whether you have one tire or many, you can create these unique tire plant stands. You’ll add wooden legs to the bottom of a tire.

From there, secure the tire to the legs. You should have a tripod at this point. After the tripod planter is complete, fill the tire with dirt, place the planter, and begin growing inside it.

Check out these seeds for a variety of flowers to grow in your plant stands! Need more tips on creating frugal and gorgeous planters? Get tips here!

9. DIY Ladybug Planter

Would you like to use old tires to create a gorgeous (and functional) piece of yard art? Check out this tutorial on creating a ladybug planter from old tires.

It’s a cute idea which allows you to upcycle unused items. Plus, it’s eye-catching and something sure to add a little pizazz to your garden.

You now have 9 different ways to utilize old tires in or around your garden. This is a great way to use what you have while also creating a unique space.

Now it’s time to take what you’ve learned and apply it. Collect and use old tires to get creative and begin making your garden space your own.  

Interested in using old tires for raised beds? Check out this tutorial!