Create Frugal Window Boxes and Gorgeous Outdoor Decor with These 4 Tips

Do you want to add character to your home without spending a ton of money?

Start with frugal window boxes. You can buy or build your own, and you don’t have to spend a fortune planting in them.

I love window boxes and have had them at most of my homes. The only downside was how much money I spent on flowers each year to make them look good.

This year, we set different goals where I needed to save as much money as possible. One of my husband’s friends told me how to have gorgeous frugal window boxes without spending a fortune.

Here’s how you can have fantastic window boxes without breaking the bank:

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1. Pick Your Window Boxes

Finding window boxes is easy. You can buy them online or purchase them from most big box stores. If you’d rather build your own window boxes, you can.

Decide how many window boxes you want, where they’ll be placed, and note the amount of sunlight the boxes will get throughout the day.

Once you have your flower containers and decide on placement, you’re ready to start creating your frugal window boxes.

2. What Will You Grow?

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You can use window boxes as gardening space for herbs and vegetables.

I use my window boxes to grow flowers because I have plenty of inground gardening space around my house for fresh veggies and herbs.

What you will grow in your window boxes is up to you. If you choose to go with herbs or vegetables, don’t overcrowd your boxes. You can grow:

·       Patio tomatoes

·       Peppers

·       Basil

·       Cilantro

·       Parsley

·       Strawberries

·       Squash

·       Pickling cucumbers

·       Chives

·       Lavender

·       Mint

If you prefer to go with flowers, you can choose to plant a variety in each box. You can also grow wildflower mixtures or plants which flow like wave petunias. There are a variety of flowers which can work well in your frugal window boxes.

3. Place and Sow

Once you know what you’ll be growing in your window boxes, it’s time to fill them with quality soil and sow the seed.

You can save a ton of money by growing the plants yourself instead of purchasing seedlings.

If you want vegetables, herbs, or a variety of plants, start the seeds indoors until they’re big enough to transplant outdoors in your window boxes.

However, I chose to go with a wildflower mixture this year. It made things a ton easier. I sprinkled the seeds over the dirt and waited.

If you live in a colder climate, you may want to move your window boxes into your garage, greenhouse, or inside your home to give them enough warmth to germinate.

Otherwise, sprinkle the seeds in the boxes outdoors, water regularly, and wait. If you go with a wildflower mixture, they’ll look like weeds for the first month of growing.

After this stage, they’re gorgeous!

4. Watch Them Grow

It’s important to continue to water and fertilize your flowers over the grow season. If you’d like to have frugal window boxes to decorate your home for other seasons, build or buy a few extra boxes.

This will allow you to start the next season’s flowers without cutting your current décor short. Be sure to choose flowers which will flourish in your planting zone and growing conditions.

In my case, my front porch receives mostly shade. Therefore, a wildflower mixture which prefers shade is an optimal choice. Your situation may be different.

Let’s review:

·       Shop the seed section at your local store or buy seeds online

·       Start the seeds indoors or in the window boxes

·       Water and fertilize as needed

·       Choose flowers which work well for your planting zone and growing conditions

By growing your window boxes from seed, you can save yourself a great deal of money and still have gorgeous natural décor around your home.

I hope this helps you to have gorgeous frugal window boxes without busting your budget. Happy growing! 

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