5 Effortless Steps to Use Old Tires in Your Garden

Do you need grow-space but are short on time and money?

I’ve been there. Gardening is a necessity for some, when you’re trying to live within your means or save money each month.

It’s important to use what you have available, educate yourself about the frugal gardening methods, and learn which crops are easiest to grow.

One way I made gardening affordable was to use what I already had available. I’m sure you’ve seen people garden in old chairs, toilets, or even buckets.

Have you tried to use old tires to create a garden?

There are many ways to go about it. Here’s how I use tires as raised beds in my garden:

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1. Locate Old Tires

I use old tires as part of my herb garden. It allows me to separate some of the herbs which have a reputation for taking over their grow space.

Therefore, I plant them in the tires to make sure they don’t take over whole raised beds. I’m able to do this because I located old tires.

You may be able to find them at a junkyard, through social media, or around your own property. If you live on a farm, you may be surprised what’s been left there.

I was fortunate to have an entire stack of old tires on a part of our farm that hadn’t been used in years. We hauled them up to the front of the property with a tractor, and I put them to work.

If you don’t live on a farm, don’t lose hope. Old tires aren’t difficult to come by in most places.  

2. Become an Architect

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

When gardening with old tires, you may still want them to appear nicely in your garden or yard. You should figure out where you’re going to place them and how they should look.

In my case, I placed them alongside larger raised beds. They work well for us, and it gives our farm a uniform look.

This part is completely up to you. Decide if you want to stack them, line them up, make them into a neat design, or place them sporadically around your property.

3. Channel Your Inner Artist

Once you have the tires placed where you’re going to use them, you may want to decorate them. I’ll be honest, our farm keeps me pretty busy.

Therefore, I didn’t take the time to paint them. If you want your tires to look better, you could apply a layer of paint.

This is a great way to add some color to your gardening area.

4. Play in the Dirt

After your tires are placed and decorated, it’s time to add the dirt. Use any quality soil you have and pour it in the center of the tire.

 I should mention here, you’re growing only in the rubber portion. The wheel should be removed. This provides more grow-space.

After the tire is filled with quality dirt, it’s time to plant your seeds or seedlings. Care for them as you would in any container garden.

Check out this germination mat to help get your garden started!

5. Uses

You may be wondering what you can grow inside a tire. Here are a few suggestions to help you use old tires you have on hand:

·       Mint

·       Lavender

·       Basil

·       Cilantro

·       Chives

·       Parsley

·       Tomatoes

·       Peppers

·       Squash

·       Cucumbers

·       Green beans

·       Small flowers

Hopefully, these tips help you use old tires which are available to you. They’re great for growing vertically or sporadically around your property.

By using what you have on hand and planting a few easy crops, you could be gardening on a budget in no time flat.

Good luck to you and your gardening efforts.