Make an Easy All-Purpose Cleaner in 4 Steps

Are you looking for a homemade all-purpose cleaner that works?

You can use diluted vinegar to clean most surfaces, but this didn’t work for me. My family complained our house smelled of pickles.

One day, I was getting ready to toss some unused citrus into the compost bin when I got an idea. I realized I could make a completely homemade all-purpose cleaner that smells good.

If you’re looking for a natural cleaner that’s also frugal, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how I make my homemade all-purpose cleaner:

You’ll need-

·       A mason jar

·       Apple cider vinegar

·       Citrus fruit

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1. Grab the ACV for an All-Purpose Cleaner

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You can buy apple cider vinegar. It’s inexpensive and great for you. I drink a tablespoon every morning to help balance my blood sugar.

The apple cider vinegar with the mother in it is what’s recommended for health purposes. However, if you’re only going to use the apple cider vinegar for cleaning, you can buy the more filtered version.

To make my homemade all-purpose cleaner as frugal as possible (and to avoid household waste) I make my own vinegar. Whether you choose to make your own apple cider vinegar or buy it, make sure you have some on hand.

This cleaner depends upon it.

2. Cut and Squeeze

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Once your ACV is ready to go, grab a few pieces of citrus fruit. The amount will depend upon the size of the jar you’re using for storage.

Cut the fruit in half, squeeze the juice into the jar, and place the fruit rind in the container as well.

I use a half gallon jar for my storage container. It holds approximately five pieces of fruit. I buy citrus fruit when it’s on sale. If we eat it, perfect.

If not, I’ll cut it up, and place it in my cleaner. The fruit will break down while sitting in the ACV. You can remove old peelings as needed and replenish with fresh fruit.

If you put lemon in your tea, use your leftover lemon wedges (and even the wedges you used) and place them in the cleaner. My main recommendation is to stick with citrus fruit.

I’ve only used oranges and lemons, but grapefruit might work as well.

3. Use and Replenish Your All-Purpose Cleaner

After you’ve placed the fruit in the jar, pour apple cider vinegar over the fruit. Fill the jar until the liquid reaches the neck of the container.

Place a lid and ring on the jar until you’re ready to use. When you’re running low, add some more apple cider vinegar to the mix to replenish.

I use this as a general all-purpose cleaner. If you have concerns about the harshness of the cleaner, be sure to do your research before using it.

In my case, it has worked well. I love the way the citrus smell evens out the vinegar scent.

Most importantly, I love that it costs me nothing to make, helps me reduce the amount of waste in my house, and I know exactly what’s in this cleaner.

This homemade all-purpose cleaner is a great help to my budget.

4. Uses for this All-Purpose Cleaner

I’ve used this cleaner in a variety of ways. Here are the ways you may want to use it around your home:

·       Wiping down counters

·       Cleaning the bathroom

·       Rinse aid for your dishwasher

·       Floor cleaner

I have even used this cleaner when running the “clean cycle” on my washing machine. So far, it has worked well, and I’ve had no problems.

Again, do your research to make sure the citrus and vinegar won’t be too harsh on the surface or product you’re cleaning.

Hopefully, it will work as well for you as it has for me.

Cleaning your home can be inexpensive . You can avoid harsh chemicals too.

Instead, use the products you already have and reduce the amount of waste you produce in your home by making this homemade all-purpose cleaner.

Happy housekeeping! 

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