13 Homemade Father’s Day Crafts the Dad in Your Life Will Love

It seems moms get all the cute crafts for Mother’s Day, but dear old Dad gets left out.

Not this year. I’ve scoured the internet to find some of the cutest crafts available and put them in one convenient location for you.

Go ahead! Find the cute crafts, have the kids make dad an adorable homemade Father’s Day craft, and give him a sentimental gift he’ll look back on with fondness over the years.

Here are 13  homemade Father’s Day crafts for you to choose from:

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1. Building Memories with Dad

Are your kids into Legos? Have them pick a few and write fun activities they’d like to do with their dad on the sides. Place the Legos in a glass jar. As they do the activities, they can begin building something together from the Legos used.

2. Monster Hugs

If the dad in your life is a hugger, he’ll love this gift. The kids make a monster with long arms. It represents giving Dad a monster hug on Father’s Day.

3. Father’s Day Fingerprint Dish

Does Dad need a place to drop his keys and pocket change when he empties his pockets at night? Why not make him this cute dish? He’ll smile every time he uses it.

4. M&M Father’s Day Card

Looking for a cute DIY Father’s Day card? This could be it. You make a bow tie from a pack of M&M’s and write a sweet message. It’s cute and filled with chocolate. Most dads would love it!

5. Free Printable Book

If your kids enjoy writing and coloring, this could be the perfect homemade Father’s Day craft for Dad.

Print the book, have the kids write a story about their dad, and make creative pictures. It’s a fun and unique gift.

If your kids like art, check out this neat drawing book meant for kids and their fathers.

6. Daddy’s Grill Platter

If your husband loves grilling, you should have the kids make him this platter. There’s a great tutorial that shows you how to convert a plate and the kids’ hand prints into an adorable homemade Father’s Day craft.

7. Father’s Day Joke Teller

Is the dad in your house king of the “dad jokes?” My husband is around our house, which is why he’d love this gift. My kids would also have a blast making it.

8. Father’s Day Questionnaire

Some kids don’t enjoy making crafts. If you’d still like to have a homemade Father’s Day craft to give, check this out. It’s a free printable questionnaire that’s sure to bring a good laugh!

9. My Dad Rocks Keepsake Box

If you have popsicle sticks, glue, paint, and a rock, you can create this awesome keepsake box for Dad this Father’s Day.

Need a way to use your leftover popsicle sticks? Check out my post on DIY popsicle recipes!

10. The Dad Award

Dads need awards too! You can now make them one with markers, construction paper, and a paper plate. It’s super cute and easy for younger kids.

11. World’s Best Dad Trophy

This is another fun craft that’s perfect for younger kids. The idea is to paint a cup, write encouraging words on it, add construction paper handles, and you’ve got a cute gift from the kids.

12. Dad, You Rock! Craft

This is such a cute gift but so simple to make! Buy an inexpensive frame to place white cardstock inside. Attach two small stones with googly eyes to the card. Write a cute saying and tuck the card inside the frame.

13. DIY Grill Master Barbecue

Do you have a dad in your life that likes to grill? Make them their own homemade barbecue sauce and attach a flattering card that refers to them as “The Grill Master.” This is a simple homemade Father’s Day craft that’s functional and easy-to-make.

If you’re looking for the perfect homemade Father’s Day craft, hopefully these 13 ideas have inspired you.

Father’s Day is approaching quickly, so pick a great craft from the list, gather the kids, and get busy crafting. I’m sure the dad in your life will be thrilled with any crafts you make!

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