Summer Reading List for Moms: 12 Books to Read Poolside

Summer reading? For mothers? Hah!

Don’t scoff just yet. Yes, it’s important to keep the family happy and entertained this summer.

But mamas, you’ve got to take care of yourselves too! It doesn’t have to be expensive, but you can take a few moments for yourself every day.

This summer is a perfect time to start this new routine, and one of my favorite ways to practice self-care is to read.

Which is why I’m bringing you a summer reading list for moms. These are books I’ve either read (and love) or are on my personal “hope to read soon” list.

Need to keep your kids reading, so you’ll have a chance to read? Check out my elementary, middle, and high school reading lists. 

Here are the books you may love to read while sitting by the pool (or maybe with your feet in the kiddie pool) this summer:

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1. Stephen King- On Writing

It’s no secret. I’ve worked as a freelance writer for the past six years and have loved it! I hope to continue growing my own writing business and maybe write a few more books over the years.

Which is why it’s important for me to keep honing the craft. I loved Stephen King’s book On Writing because it gives you great advice in a matter-of-fact form. The language is a little rough at times, but it’s still a great addition to our summer reading list for moms. Especially, if you’re a mom who loves to write.

2. Lysa Terkeurst Books

I like Lysa Terkeurst. She’s real, has a genuine way of writing, and I think she’s funny. Not to mention, we share many of the same struggles.

If you’re looking for a good summer read, try the following books:

3. The Little House Series

This may sound a little childish, but sometimes we need a good read that isn’t mentally taxing. Maybe we need a heartwarming story and a reminder of simpler times.

If you need this, I recommend The Little House series. Here are the books to choose from:

4. Murder on the Orient Express

I’m a Matlock fan. I don’t like gross details and gruesome murders, but I do love a little mystery every now and then.

If you love this type of mystery, you’ll love this novel. It’s a wonderful “who done it” story you won’t want to put down. You can watch the movie too!

5. Eat, Pray, Love

This is my absolute favorite book of all time. If you don’t want to travel the world after you finish it, you need to read it again because it’s inspiring.

It’s a story of one woman’s adventure around the world to find herself and find healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She may even find love along the way. And yes, they made this book into a movie too!

6. Girl, Wash Your Face

This book has received mixed reviews. Some call it inspiring, while others don’t agree with her line of thinking.

But I don’t have to agree 100% with any author to read a book and enjoy it. If you want to be inspired, check this book out. It may give you a wonderful boost which makes it a must for our summer reading list for moms.

7. Girl, Stop Apologizing

This is the follow up book to Girl, Wash Your Face. I recommend you start with the first book, and if you like it, move on to the next.

Girl, Stop Apologizing is another self-help book meant to encourage women to embrace life and continue pushing forward in their journey.  

8. The Help

You know a book is good when they turn it into a movie, which this one was. It begins in the 1960’s, as a college graduate returns home with a dream of becoming a writer.

Instead of interviewing who most would have expected, she began interviewing the help around town. As you can imagine, this causes a few eyebrows to raise.

9. The Astronauts Wives Club

We frequently hear about astronauts when they’re heading into space, but what about their families? For the moms out there who love a little bit of history with their entertainment, they deserve a book like this. Which is why it’s on our summer reading list for moms.

When the astronauts from Mercury Seven took off, their wives received a lot of attention. This book covers their personal lives and all the drama that can unfold when you put human beings in the spotlight.

10. The Bookshop on the Corner

I am presently working my way through this book. I’m not big on most fiction books, but if it’s encouraging and slightly realistic, I’ll give it a try.

This is the story of a librarian who receives her chance to travel and do what she loves, by sharing her love of reading. It’s an uplifting read.

11. Committed

This is the follow up to Eat, Pray, Love. It tells of what happens after Elizabeth Gilbert’s new romance hits a rough patch when they’re required to live in a different country to stay together.

It didn’t strike a chord with me like Eat, Pray, Love but I’m still glad I read it. I included it on our summer reading list for moms because if you enjoy Eat, Pray, Love, you might enjoy reading what comes next!

12. Lauren Weisberger Books

These books are my guilty pleasure and most who know me would be utterly shocked how much I love Lauren Weisberger books.

It’s probably because they have bad language, sexual content, and are a lot like Sex and the City (only Lauren Weisberger books don’t have their own TV show.) But I love the story lines, and they’re my mental escape. That’s the great part about books, you can simply skim over what you don’t want to read.

If you want a mental escape, I highly recommend the following books:

Seriously, if there’s a movie producer somewhere reading this, make more of these books into movies. We ladies need more movies like these in our lives!

This concludes our summer reading list for moms. I know reading can seem like a chore (for some) or nearly impossible for others but make time for yourself.

Reading is an excellent way to keep your mind active while simultaneously giving it a break from the daily grind. Even if these books aren’t your cup of tea, maybe it’ll inspire you to create your own summer reading list.

Now that you have my list, click the links, order the books, and start reading. You deserve it, mama!  

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