12 Books That Must Be Added to Your High School Book List

Do you have a high schooler who isn’t into reading?

Maybe you have an avid reader on your hands, but you’re trying to refresh their book list?

Whatever your situation, providing your children with an interesting book list is a must if you want to keep your kids reading, especially during the high school years.

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As they get older, it can be difficult to discern what books are good for your high schoolers. Here are a few of the books on our family’s homeschool high school book list:

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1. To Kill a Mockingbird

This book deals with the harsh realities of racism while demonstrating important morals and values. It incorporates mystery, emotion, and solid life lessons in one text.

2. Lord of the Flies

Imagine you were stranded on an island with a group of friends. It would sound pretty luxurious at first, but over time you’d find you must have order and rules to survive. This text walks you through this exact situation with a few young boys who struggle to govern themselves.

3. Of Mice and Men

High school is an excellent time to discuss the Great Depression. This book could help start the conversation and makes a wonderful addition to any high school book list. The text focuses on two ranch hands who move around during the Great Depression in an attempt to find work.

4. A Raisin in the Sun

I still remember reading this book during my 11th grade year, and we watched the movie too. It’s heart wrenching, but again, is eye opening to the struggles many people face. There’s a variety of ways this text could be explored. It originated from the poem “Harlem” and was eventually turned into this play.

5. Anne of Green Gables Series

Many of the books mentioned above have covered rather heavy topics. The Anne of Green Gables series will lighten the mood a bit. These books follow the story of one red headed orphan and her journey through life as she discovers herself and love.

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6. Harry Potter Series

If you have a high schooler who loves fantasy and magic, Harry Potter could be for them. This entire series follows the magical adventures of Harry Potter and his friends. You could watch the movies to encourage your students to compare and contrast between the two.  

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7. Fahrenheit 451

This text may give your students a glimpse at the importance of reading and gaining knowledge. It’s placed in the future. During this time, books are illegal, and firemen are charged with burning them instead of dousing the flames.

8. The Giver Series

The Giver is another futuristic book where people live in a giant bubble. One boy dares to question life as everyone knows it. Follow along with his adventures as he questions, grows, and chooses a different path. It’s a must-read and should definitely be added to your high school book list.

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9. The Outsiders

This book has faced a lot of controversy over the years and most public schools don’t study it anymore. However, it gives kids a chance to glance at life from a different perspective as they follow the story of two rival gangs from two different backgrounds who face off in one community. It does have language, gang violence, and other questionable activity.

10. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Imagine being the best of friends, but you’re finally spending the summer apart. How would you keep up with your friends? In this case, the girls send their stories tucked inside a pair of pants they ship back and forth between each other. Follow along to keep up with the adventure…and pants.

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11. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Do you have a teen that loves romantic comedies? This book could be the book for them. Imagine writing letters to the boys you have crushes on only to have those letters distributed! Oh, the chaos (and love) that can bloom from such an incident.

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12. Maze Runner Series

If your high schooler is into science fiction, they’ll love this series. My 9th grader is hooked on it! A group of chosen kids get dropped into a maze. They must either live in it or die trying to escape. The biggest questions: who put them there and why? Find out by reading the series.

These are 12 books perfect for any high school book list. Some have heavier subjects and others would be fun when reading for pleasure.

Either way, keeping students reading is important. If the book has a good message or life lesson attached that’s a wonderful bonus!

So what are you waiting for? Follow the links, order the books, and get your kids reading through this high school book list! 

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