15 Intriguing Books Perfect for Your Middle School Reading List

Middle school can be tough years.

Your kids are growing into young adults and leaving the little kid stage behind. This can make it tough to keep them engaged in reading.

They don’t want little kid books but aren’t quite mature enough to handle some of the heavier reading lists.

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You’ve come to the right place. I’ll be sharing some favorite books from our middle school reading list we use in our homeschool.

Here’s some great books to choose from:

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1. The Hatchet Series

My middle son wasn’t much of a reader until we discovered the Hatchet series. These are books about survival. A young boy ends up on his own in the wilderness. Can he survive? And how will this experience change him?

2. The Giver

If your kids like science fiction, this is a good book choice for them. Imagine living in a futuristic society where everyone is in a bubble, but they don’t realize it. One boy dares to go beyond the societal norms, but how far will his curiosity take him?

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3. Of Mice and Men

Middle school is a good time to begin discussing the Great Depression and its impact on the people who lived through it. This book follows the journey of two migrant workers who travel around the United States looking for work during this time.

4. Number the Stars

Middle school is also a great time to begin discussing World War II and the Holocaust. It’s a heavy subject but one that should not be forgotten. In Number the Stars, follow one girls experience of living in Germany during this time.

5. Out of the Dust

Out of the Dust is another book based during the Great Depression. It tells the story of a girl and her father as they struggle to survive this difficult time. It’s broken down into smaller portions of reading which makes it a great choice for a middle school reading list.

6. Babysitters Club Series

Enough with the heavy stuff. Let’s move towards a fun series that would be perfect when reading for pleasure. Follow along with a group of young girls who run their own business known as the “Babysitters Club.” This is a lighthearted and fun book series!

Check out the movie, episodes, and entire series!

7. But Don’t All Religions Lead to God?

We chose early middle school as a time to dive deep into apologetics. We used the Answers in Genesis Curriculum for many of the obvious questions, but this book covered a heavy subject in a way that middle school aged children could understand it. Our son gained a lot from it.

8. Little Women

Louisa May Alcott was an interesting woman. She wrote this novel based around her childhood, and it has been a family favorite for years. If you want a heartwarming read (even if used as a read aloud) you should check this book out.

9. The Hunger Games Series

The Hunger Games became all the rage with the movie series released over the past few years. If your children enjoyed the movies, allow them to dive into the books.

Here are helpful lesson plans to present this reading to a younger crowd. It could be what keeps them hooked on reading during this time of transition.

10. Holes

This is another book which was eventually turned into a movie. It follows the journey of a boy who was sent to a correctional facility in the desert after being wrongfully accused. I enjoy allowing my kids to read books that are also movies so they can compare and contrast the two.

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11. The Diary of Anne Frank

We used my middle son’s 7th grade year to study World War II. It was a hard topic, but we were grateful for a variety of books that helped us cover it well. The Diary of Anne Frank is one of those books, as it details her experiences during this time.

12. The Upstairs Room

This was a book we chose to help us explore the history of World War II, along with Number the Stars. I loved this book because it discusses what life was like from the Jewish perspective. By pairing these two books, it allowed our son to see what all sides were going through during this time.

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13. Anne of Green Gables Series

If you’re looking for a lighthearted series, consider Anne of Green Gables. It’s the story of an orphan who finds a good home and love. The series allows you to follow her life all the way through. You can also watch the movies or the new series on Netflix. They’re wonderful comparison tools to use with the books.

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14. Frindle

This is a fun book! It demonstrates how one kid with a sense of humor can change the world as we know it…but not without causing a little bit of trouble first. Frindle is a fun book that most students would love to see on their middle school reading list.

15. C.S. Lewis Narnia Series

C.S. Lewis was a wonderful storyteller with a way of getting his point across in a unique fashion. My son’s 8th grade year, we explored the Narnia series.

It includes the following books:

·       The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

·       Prince Caspian: The Return to Narnia

·       The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

·       The Silver Chair

·       The Horse and His Boy

·       The Magician’s Nephew

·       The Last Battle

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We finished it off with C.S. Lewis’ biography.

These 15 books should give you an awesome start to creating a phenomenal middle school reading list. Some are lighthearted while others can help your children gain valuable knowledge about history.

Hopefully, this will encourage your children to become avid readers.

Now that you have this book list, head to the links, buy the books, and build your children a wonderful library via this middle school reading list. 

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