Elementary Reading List: 14 Perfect Books

Do you need fresh books for your elementary reading list?

You’ve come to the right place. I’ll be sharing book options that are perfect for most elementary reading lists.

These books are perfect whether you’re reading for pleasure, using as read-alouds for the family, or even as part of a homeschool curriculum.

Here is my elementary reading list:

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1. Matilda

This is the story of a little girl with some serious brain power. She reads at a young age, can do math faster than most, but she doesn’t have it all.

What she really needs is a loving family. Follow along with her adventures as she rights the wrongs in her school with her brain power and finds her way home.

2. School Story

We read this as a read-aloud during my youngest son’s second grade year. It’s a wonderful story about a young writer.

She writes a story perfect for school aged children. Her friend helps her get this book published anonymously, but they face many adventures while keeping her identity quiet.  

3. All of a Kind Family

This is a classic story of a Jewish family in the early 1900’s in America. We used it as a read-aloud during my son’s third grade year.

It tells of all the fun things a family of little girls did during this time. But will this family remain all-of-a-kind? Read it and find out!

4. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

This book has been made into a movie TWICE! It’s a fun book to read with your kids as it’s filled with things most only dream of.

Follow along as a child gets his chance to explore the magical world of Mr. Wonka’s chocolate factory. Children also have the chance to learn valuable life lessons that will hopefully stick with them a lifetime.

Check out the original movie and the newer version! There’s even a Tom & Jerry version.

5. Little House Series

The Little House series follows the story of a pioneer family. It takes you from their very beginning in the woods to life after the children are grown.

Check out the following books that would be perfect for older readers or as a read-aloud:

·       Little House in the Big Woods

·       Farmer Boy

·       Little House on the Prairie

·       On the Banks of Plum Creek

·       By the Shores of Silver Lake

·       The Long Winter

·       Little Town on the Prairie

·       These Happy Golden Years

6. Sarah Plain and Tall

My son read this as a third grader. It’s an interesting tale of a single father trying to raise two children on the prairie.

He puts an ad in the paper for a woman to be his wife and help him raise his children. What he gets is Sarah who is plain on the outside, but her loving heart is just what the family needed.

Get the series

7. The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

Do you have young readers? This book is a wonderful spin on a traditional story. We’ve all heard the story of the three little pigs.

Now, it’s time for the wolf to tell his side of things. Your children are sure to get a kick out of this!

8. Frog and Toad Series

If you have early readers, this is the perfect series for them. It follows the adventures of two dear friends, Frog and Toad.

The books are divided into multiple small stories, which makes them perfect for early readers. We used these books in our homeschool curriculum for multiple years which makes them a great choice for an elementary reading list.

Interested in homeschooling? Check out the essentials

9. The 21 Balloons

We enjoyed this book as a read-aloud while my children were in second grade. I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did, but it’s a wonderful book!

It’s a story of a retired schoolteacher who travels the world in an invention. When he crashes on an island, you won’t believe what he finds!

10. The Paper Bag Princess

I loved this book as a kid. It all starts with a princess living in a castle. She was ready to marry the prince of her dreams and live happily ever after.

However, a dragon swoops in, steals her prince, and leaves her with nothing but a paper bag dress. Discover how this princess bounces back!

11. 26 Fairmount Avenue

We found this book accidentally by reading the book The Art Lesson. My youngest son is really into art, but we loved the book so much we knew we had to read another.

This book is easy-to-read for intermediate readers, or it could be used as a read-aloud. Either way, you’ll enjoy hearing how this family worked hard and was able to build their dream home on 26 Fairmount Avenue.

12. Magic Treehouse Series

Our family is in love with the Magic Tree House series. Kids of all ages will love it because they’re easy to read and follow along with.

What I love the most is the amount of information the books present. Children are learning through a world of fantasy. It’s an amazing learning tool.

13. The Cricket in Times Square

This is another favorite read-aloud in our family. It shares the journey of a cricket who finds himself in Times Square.

Find out how he makes it home with the help of his new friends. If you love this book, you can read the entire series:

·       Tucker’s Countryside

·       Harry Cat’s Pet Puppy

·       Chester Cricket’s Pigeon Ride

·       Chester Cricket’s New Home

·       Harry Kitten and Tucker Mouse

·       The Old Meadow

14. The Indian in the Cupboard Series

We read this book as a read-aloud during my youngest son’s third grade year. It’s the fun tale of how a young boy brings plastic figurines to life thanks to a cupboard with a magic key.

Learn how two plastic figurines from opposite sides can become great friends. Also, see how two young boys learn to have compassionate hearts. You can also check out the movie.  

Buy the whole set.

This completes our elementary reading list. If the books seem too mature for your children to read by themselves, consider turning them into read-alouds.

If the books have a movie option, it’s great to let your children read the book and watch the movie. It allows them to compare and contrast between the two.

Considering homeschooling? You can, on a budget, with these tips!

 However you decide to use this list, we hope you enjoy the books as much as we have over the years.

Now that you have the elementary reading list, visit the links, buy the books, and enjoy exploring these stories as a family. Happy reading!