32 Fun Family Summer Activities to Keep Everyone Happy When at Home

COVID-19 has us all going crazy!

Some days people are ready to bust out of their front doors and get their children out and about again.

Other days, I think everyone is on the verge of buying stock in Hazmat suits. Regardless of our feelings on the matter, if you have kids, you know summertime is approaching.

Kids go stir-crazy during the summer on a normal basis. This year is going to be particularly difficult because many things we’d normally do during the summer months won’t be available.

What can we do all summer long to keep our children entertained and safe?

Here are 32 ideas for fun family summer activities. Hopefully, they’ll keep your children happy, busy, and healthy while you’re spending more time at home this summer:

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1. Camping

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova on Pexels.com

You’re probably thinking, “Wait! I thought you said we were staying home?”

Well, we are. You can buy a few camping supplies from Amazon.com, have it shipped straight to your door, and camp in your own yard.

You’ll need:

·       A tent

·       Sleeping bags

·       A flashlight or lantern

·       Some fun camping recipes

Once you have these items, you’re ready for a fun night at home!

2. Make Ice Cream

Photo by Key Notez on Pexels.com

Making ice cream at home is so fun! There are a ton of recipes to choose from. Grab your ingredients, make some ice cream, and sit outside together as a family.

You can wave at neighbors as they go by (if you have any.) If not, grab a few other ideas from this list and enjoy a lazy summer evening together.

3. DIY Popsicles

Photo by Leah Kelley on Pexels.com

Things don’t have to be super expensive or even that over the top when trying to entertain kids. They love just doing something different.

My children love making DIY popsicles. They like to be a part of the process, and they love enjoying a delicious treat they helped make! So beat the heat (and stay entertained) making fun DIY popsicles.

Try these awesome popsicle molds or these popsicle pouches for an easier (and fun!) experience.

4. Pool Time

If you have a yard, you could put up a pool. You can buy one or even make one.

If you have small children, you can do this extremely easily by purchasing a kiddie-pool.

However you decide to go about it, above ground pools aren’t a huge investment, and during a time when it’s encouraged to stay apart, it may be one of the best fun family summer activities you could invest in.

5. Sidewalk Chalk

I loved sidewalk chalk as a kid. Your kids might enjoy it too. They can create beautiful masterpieces time and again.

In my area, there’s a lot of gravel driveways so if you don’t live where you have a ton of concrete, consider letting your kids draw on the floor of the garage. It works great for us!

6. Backyard Games

Whether you’re super crafty or not, there are many DIY backyard games to choose from. Your kids will love them, and they don’t cost a fortune to make.

You can make your own tetherball set-up, yard twister, four-in-a-row, checkers, or a ring toss game.

7. Bubbles

Bubbles are fun for every age. You can buy bubbles fairly cheap or make your own. You can also purchase bubble wands.

If you’re interested in making bigger bubbles, consider making your own fun bubble set-up or make fun DIY bubble wands. The kids will love it!

8. Roast a Few Marshmallows

Kids love s’mores. You can make a variety of different types of s’mores to keep things from getting boring.

But most importantly, you can make your own DIY fire pit area. This will be a fun place around your home to hang out and make memories.

9. Take a Nature Walk

If you live in a subdivision, you can easily get out and take a walk around your neighborhood. On these walks you can collect stones or different types of plants.

However, if you live where you have more land, take a hike. We have five acres behind our home that we enjoy getting out and exploring on pretty days.

10. Grow a Garden

You don’t have to grow a huge garden, but you can grow a variety of crops. Kids like getting involved so let them.

Buy a few seeds, plant them, and let the kids watch them grow. They’ll enjoy taking care of them and harvesting the fruits of their labors.

11. Learn Yoga

There are a ton of fun kid-friendly yoga poses. Not only is yoga amazing for your mental health, but it helps your physical health too.

Plus, you can learn to do funny poses. It’ll allow everyone to get moving while having a good laugh too.

12. Face Painting

Is your family artistic? Let it shine! If you’ll be home, who cares what you look like? The world is a canvas…including your face.

Let your kids take turns painting each other’s faces. Be mindful if you have any skin allergies in your family, though.

13. Time to Read

I love to read! Seriously, if I don’t read every day my whole schedule is thrown off. Adults need to read and so do kids.

If your library is open take advantage of it. If not, many libraries have an online set-up where you can rent e-books. Utilize this resource.

Check out this awesome resource for age-appropriate reading lists.

14. Build a Fort

My kids love building forts. There’s something about draping blankets over tables and chairs. They love to climb under it and play games inside their fort all day.

Let your kids make a mess, use all the blankets in the house, and build a fun creation. They’ll remember it for a long time.

15. Stand Alone Treehouse

Do you have someone in your home who is a wonderful carpenter? If so, ask them to build the kids a stand-alone treehouse.

This is a treehouse that doesn’t have to be attached to a large tree. It’s a fun space for kids to hang out and enjoy their summer.

16. Get Chickens

If you’re going to be home more, why not get a pet? Not just any pet though…chickens! Chickens are easy to care for, they give you eggs, and they’re fun to watch.

Your kids would enjoy collecting the eggs every day, watching the chickens play, and you could even give them a chicken swing for extra entertainment!

17. DIY Slip and Slide

Making a slip and slide is so easy and inexpensive! Your kids will love it. All you need is a large tarp, a slight hill, and some dish soap.

Lay out the tarp, spray it with dish soap, and run the water hose down the tarp. It’s so easy yet so fun!

18. Old Fashioned Sprinklers

If you don’t have a good hill in your yard for a slip and slide, just pull out the water sprinklers.

Kids don’t need a large pool to play in. They just love running through water. It’s fun and a great way to cool off.

19. Biking

If your kids have bikes, let them ride them. They don’t have to go to special trails or on long trips. Let them ride their bikes around your home.

Our kids ride their bikes through our yard, up the driveway, and back. It’s great exercise and a fun way to spend the summer.

20. Roller Skates

Many people forget about roller skating. Many don’t even go to the roller rink anymore. Yet, if your kids have roller skates, they could be having a ton of fun at home!

If you have a paved driveway or a concrete slab in your garage, they could have a great place to skate for hours.

21. Take Free Classes

There are so many free classes offered online. Many are offered through YouTube. Your kids could take music lessons or art lessons this summer without leaving home.

If you have artistic children, this may be a great way for them to have an enjoyable summer (at home), learning new things, and for FREE.

22. Water Balloons

Water balloons are a blast. You can order them, have them shipped directly to your door, and let the fun begin.

All you need to do is fill them with water, tie them up, and have a water balloon war. It’s a great way to get cooled off and have a few laughs as a family.

23. Picnic Inside or Out

Picnics are fun no matter how old you are, and you don’t have to leave home to have one. If it’s raining, picnic in your living room.

On a pretty day, picnic outside and let the kids play. It’s so simple but still one of the more enjoyable fun family summer activities!

24. Virtual Library Activities

A year ago, this wouldn’t have even been a thing. With the way things are currently, libraries are taking their normal summer activities and making them available online.

Take advantage of it. Check with your local library and see what fun things they have planned virtually. It’s free and can be something for your kids to look forward to.

25. Outdoor Movie Theatre

Yes, the movie theaters are closed. This stinks because we always enjoy the free movies during the summer.

However, you can still have a fun movie experience this summer. Get a projector, hook it up to your computer, and project a movie on the side of your house to have a fun outdoor movie experience.

Check out this neat gadget that streams everything from one unique device! 

26. Learn to Cook

When you’re home with few places to go what better time to learn a new skill? Get your kids in the kitchen, order a fun cookbook, and work your way through it.

Don’t forget this super fun crockpot

Your kids will use these skills for years to come, you’ll get to try some new dishes, and it’ll create many great memories.

27. Preserve Your Garden Together

If you grow a garden, why not learn how to preserve it? If you don’t grow enough to preserve, buy produce in bulk.

This is a wonderful skill to learn, and again, you’ll create many wonderful memories. Plus, you’ll have food to enjoy all year long.

Let Balls Blue Book help you get started!

28. At Home Scavenger Hunt

Kids like to hunt for things. Whether it’s playing hide-and-go-seek or searching for Easter eggs, kids enjoy it.

Why not create a fun scavenger hunt for them? It doesn’t have to be complicated, and the prize can be a homemade baked good.

29. Catch Lightening Bugs

Summertime is magical. You can sit outside at night, listen to the birds, and watch lightening bugs come out.

Make fun lightening bug catchers and let your kids catch them at night. It’s a great time to slow down and enjoy nature as a family.

30. Create a Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens have become all the rage lately. They’re cute miniature gardens that add a little magic to your yard.

We created a fairy garden from an old tree stump in our yard, at one point. It was fun to make, and the kids liked to play with it when they were outside.

31. Puppet Show

Puppets are so easy to make. You can use old socks, googly eyes, and yarn for hair. Create a stage out of cardboard boxes or a chair with a blanket over the top.

Once your puppets are made, let your kids’ creativity flow. They can make fun plays and share it with the whole family.

32. Fly a Kite

Our last stop for fun family summer activities at home is to fly a kite. You can make a kite, which would be a fun experience all by itself.

Or you can purchase a kite and enjoy flying it in your yard. If you live in a subdivision, you may have a park nearby where you could fly it. If not, your yard should work fine.  

Well, this concludes our list of fun family summer activities at home. Hopefully this will inspire you to make new memories while at home with your kids this summer.

Nothing has to be expensive or over-the-top to keep everyone happy and entertained. You can take a step back in time and enjoy summer the way generations prior once enjoyed them.

Have a lovely summer, everyone!