Create a Family Schedule that Works in 4 Simple Steps

Do you struggle with getting your family moving in the same direction on a daily basis? Does it seem impossible to develop a family schedule that works?

I get it. When I first became a mom of multiple kids, life was hard. I struggled with keeping up with schedules, maintaining a home, and laundry. Oh, the laundry, ya’ll!

Over the years, I’ve learned a few tricks that help keep us all moving in the same direction. My children have learned accountability, my house stays intact (most of the time), and I maintain sanity.

Here’s how we developed a family schedule that works for us:

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1. Have a Weekly Plan

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Every Sunday evening, before my week starts, I pull out my calendar. Just FYI, I keep all important appointments in my cellphone calendar.

You can use this planner to help you keep your appointments organized. 

I look at my calendar each Sunday to see what’s on the schedule for the week. Once I know what’s happening, I write it down (on a sheet of paper) the date and time of the event.

After I look at my appointments and have them jotted down, I consider my “to-do” list. These are things that I’d like to get done throughout the week.

This could be cleaning the house, organizing a closet, gardening chores, or anything else that is hanging over my head and needs to be done. I keep a master to-do list and pull certain items from the list each week.

When I’ve picked these items, I write them down on the same piece of paper as my appointments. Finally, I write down the daily things that must be done.

My daily list includes the following items:

·       Call my mom

·       Exercise and devotionals

·       Yoga

·       Take my vitamins

·       Feed my sourdough starter

·       Daily house maintenance

·       Laundry two times during the week

·       Water the greenhouse plants

·       Homeschool

·       Blogging work

·       Fix a bulletproof coffee

·       Get dressed/ fix hair

·       Shoot vlogging videos

I write out Monday through Friday headings on the backside of the same sheet of paper. Then I begin plugging in each item under the day it’s to be done.

The daily items are added under their own heading of “Daily.” This gives me an idea of what I need to do each day.

You notice I only fill in Monday through Friday. I have a separate list for work that needs to be done on the weekends.

However, you may choose to divide up your week differently. It’s all about what works best for your family.

Once I have my weekly plan figured out, I’m ready to start the week on an organized foot. This is the first step in maintaining our family schedule.

2. Daily Chores Are a Must

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My home requires daily maintenance. We live on a farm, so we have a few more chores than the average household, most likely. Our daily house chores consist of:

·       Wiping down the kitchen and bathroom

·       Making all the beds

·       Picking up any messes

·       Dishes

·       Trash

·       Empty the compost

·       Feed and water the cats and dog

·       Feed the livestock

·       Collect eggs

·       Empty the litter box

·       Sweep the floors

·       Vacuum all the rugs

·       Steam mop the main part of the house

This would be a lot for one person to do by themselves. Therefore, we divide it out. My kids and I split the responsibility of our animals, and we move as a unit when providing their daily care.

We do the same for inside chores. It requires each of us to work approximately 45 minutes per day towards maintaining a clean home.

Figure out what needs to be done daily around your home and begin dividing the chores up appropriately between the members of the household.

3. Routine, Routine, Routine

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This is a big one. If you can’t maintain a routine, no one in your home is going to know whether they’re coming or going.

In my home, my husband and I wake-up together. I get him out the door, and I start on my list for the day. I maintain a pretty regular schedule with the exception of days where I have appointments.

My children wake up at the same time each day, eat their breakfast, get dressed, head out to feed the animals, and start to work on their chores.

By keeping a routine, it makes things run smoother. There’s no guesswork or sitting around until someone feels like doing what needs to be done.

Everyone knows what’s expected, and they don’t wander (or loaf) aimlessly.

4. Get a White Board

This is the key to our days, every day. I have a large white board that hangs in my dining room. I use this white board for homeschooling, but I also use it as the hub for our family schedule.

Everyone can check the board for the daily chores list. The upstairs white board if for my chores list.

I have another white board hanging at the foot of our basement steps where my children see it daily. This is where their chores are placed.

Though most of their chores are the same every day, I place the chores on their board. I also add anything extra that may need to be done that day.

My kids can come along and check off their list as they complete things.

Again, it keeps everything organized, everyone motivated, and we all know what’s on the agenda for the day.

Let’s be honest, most of keeping your home running smoothly is about organization, planning, and motivation.

If you have those three things, you should be able to follow the above steps and get your family organized rather easily.

A friend once said to me that coordinating a family is like working a huge puzzle. That’s the absolute truth! With a little helpful nudge from this post, hopefully your family will be running smoother in no-time.

Good luck, parents! Remember to always extend grace to yourself, especially when developing a family schedule. It’s your effort and perseverance that matter…not perfection.

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