Homemade Ice Cream: 51 Recipes You’ll Love

The weather is warming up. You know what that means? It’s time for homemade ice cream!

Pull out your ice cream maker, start making memories, and ice cream. If you’re tired of the same old recipes, no worries.

I’m bringing you some of the tastiest homemade ice cream recipes you can imagine. Let’s not delay.

Here are homemade ice cream recipes sure to make your taste buds dance!

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1. Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream

If you love chocolate and want a traditional flavor of ice cream, give this recipe a try. It’s simple, classic, and your family is sure to love it!

2. No Churn Coffee Ice Cream

Do you love coffee in the mornings? Why not enjoy it for dessert too? This recipe is no-churn and has only 4 ingredients. It’s super easy and super delicious too!

3. Best Cookies-n-Cream Ice Cream

Cookies-n-cream is probably my favorite ice cream. This tutorial walks you through every step of the process from ice cream makers to which cookies to use. It’s easy, delicious, and a must-try!

4. Harry Potter No-Churn Butterbeer Ice Cream

Calling all Harry Potter fans! This ice cream can take you right into Harry Potter’s world. This would be a fun treat for the family or even a great addition to a literature study if you’re a homeschooler.

5. Lemon Ice Cream

Does lemon scream, “Summer Time!!” to you? Then you must try this ice cream recipe. It has a creamy custard base and is bursting with lemon flavor.

6. Easy Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

Nothing goes better than strawberries and cheesecake with the exception of strawberries, cheesecake, and ice cream. If this sounds like an amazing combo to you, check out this recipe. It doesn’t even require an ice cream maker.

7. Brown Sugar Cinnamon Ice Cream

Brown sugar and cinnamon is the mixture of all mixtures. We’ve had them in breakfast pastries, cereals, and even on our toast. Now, it’s time to try them in ice cream!

8. Three Ingredient Creamy Marshmallow Ice Cream

Marshmallows tend to bring out the kid in all of us. This ice cream gives you one more way to enjoy marshmallows, and it’s super easy. The recipe only contains three ingredients and doesn’t require a machine.

9. Blue Moon Ice Cream

The blue will naturally draw your eye when checking out this ice cream. Not only is it colorful, but it’s fun too! Blue moon ice cream has vanilla and almond extract. It contains raspberry extract too. Plus, blue food coloring for that eye-popping color.

10. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Most kids love chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Thanks to this recipe, you can now enjoy this family favorite in the comfort of your home.

11. Classic Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla is one of those flavors of ice cream that come with endless options. It’s great by itself, great for milkshakes, or can be turned into a delicious sundae. Make your own homemade vanilla ice cream and get creative!

12. Orange Sherbet

When I was a kid, getting orange sherbet was such a treat! It’s easy to make, so now your kids can enjoy sherbet any time they like. No more special occasions for this type of ice cream.

13. Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

Cheesecake in ice cream is an extra special treat. During the summer, when the blueberries are fresh and ripe, it’s time to incorporate them into your ice cream too! This recipe can show you how.

14. Pumpkin Cheesecake Ice Cream

There’s pumpkin lattes, pumpkin creamer, and pumpkin pastries. Why not create pumpkin cheesecake ice cream? It sounds great, but I’m sure it tastes even better!

15. Key Lime Pie Ice Cream

Are you craving key lime pie? If you’d love the flavor of key lime with a little less work, you can have it. Try key lime pie ice cream. It’s a cool treat and sure to hit the spot.

16. No Churn Peaches and Cream Ice Cream

Peaches and cream taste amazing! Why wouldn’t it be a delicious choice for ice cream? Thanks to this recipe, you can make a creamy and sweet peaches and cream ice cream for your next summer get-together.

17. Strawberry Ice Cream

Strawberry ice cream is another favorite of mine. It’s perfect for summer and a great way to use all the fresh strawberries available during the warmer months. This recipe is super simple and looks wonderful!

18. London Fog Ice Cream

If you’re unfamiliar with London Fog, you aren’t alone. I had to do a little research on this recipe. A London Fog is a tea beverage with a hint of vanilla. This is exactly what this ice cream recipe is. If you aren’t a big tea-drinker but love ice cream, give this recipe a shot!

19. Triple Coconut Ice Cream

Coconut is a perfect summer flavor! It brings that tropical feel right to your backyard. Which is why you must try this triple coconut ice cream.

20. Banana Pudding Ice Cream

Banana pudding is probably one of my favorite desserts. If you love banana pudding too, you’ll be happy to know you can now enjoy it during the summer months as an ice cream.

21. Easy Blackberry Ice Cream

If you grow blackberries, you must check out this blackberry ice cream recipe. It literally consists of blackberries, sugar, heavy whipping cream, half and half, and an ice cream machine. If you have those ingredients (and equipment) you’re ready to put your blackberry harvest to work in a whole new way.

22. Honey Lavender Ice Cream

I’m always looking for new ways to utilize what we produce around our farm. We raise bees so honey is plentiful, and I’ve started raising lavender too. If you have those ingredients on hand, you can now make a delicious (and gorgeous) ice cream.

23. Banana Ice Cream

As soon as I told my mom I was writing this article, she said, “Oooh, we used to make banana ice cream all the time!” As excited as she got, banana ice cream is clearly a fan-favorite. Give this recipe a shot and see what you think.

24. Butter Pecan Ice Cream

This recipe is a must for your summer fun! Butter pecan is my husband’s absolute favorite ice cream. If you love it too, you’ll be glad to have a recipe so you can make it at home any time you like.

25. Apple Cider Ice Cream

Want the taste of Fall in an ice cream? Consider making apple cider ice cream. It includes apple cider, cinnamon, and all the normal “fixings” to make a creamy and delicious ice cream.

26. Pistachio Pudding Ice Cream

This is such a fun and delicious ice cream recipe. If you love the taste of pistachio pudding, you will probably love this flavor of ice cream. The most fun is that it’s GREEN!

27. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Every time I see mint chocolate chip ice cream I think of my sister. It was always her favorite when we were growing up. If you love the fresh mint flavor against rich chocolate, you must give this recipe a try.

28. Biscoff Ice Cream

If you enjoy biscoff cookies, you’ll love this ice cream. It has a vanilla ice cream base, but there are chunks of biscoff cookie swirled throughout and cookie butter. What a wonderfully creamy treat!

29. Homemade Sweet Cream Ice Cream

Sweet cream is one of those flavors that makes you say, “Mmmmm…” the whole time you’re enjoying it. This ice cream recipe is able to capture this simple but delicious flavor. Get ready to enjoy it!

30. Copycat Cold Stone Creamery Cake Batter Ice Cream

Are you a fan of Cold Stone Creamery? Do you love their cake batter ice cream? Try this copycat recipe so you can enjoy it at home anytime you like.

31. Peach Sorbet

Do you prefer the creamier texture of a sorbet over a heavier ice cream? This peach sorbet is colorful, fresh, and smooth. See what you think!

32. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream

If you need a chocolate fix, this ice cream has you covered. The recipe creates a rich, chocolatey base. As if that’s not enough, it also incorporates peanut butter cups into each bite.

33. Creamiest EVER Rocky Road Ice Cream

Do you love the flavor of rocky road ice cream? Well, you’ve just hit the jack pot because you have a recipe that will allow you to enjoy rocky road at your convenience. It’s time to break out your happy dance!

34. Snickerdoodle Ice Cream

Snickerdoodle cookies are absolutely delicious! They make an excellent afterschool snack and go wonderfully with a glass of milk. During the summer, when you want the same comforting flavor but in a cooler form, reach for this ice cream recipe.

35. Salted Caramel Ice Cream

This ice cream is amazing for many reasons. The top reason is it provides a caramel sundae without all the extra toppings. The salted caramel flavor is worked right into the ice cream itself. Enjoy your one-pot sundae with this tasty recipe.

36. Rum Raisin Ice Cream

Are you searching for a more adult or elegant ice cream flavor for a special occasion? This recipe could be what you’re looking for. The raisins are soaked in rum and incorporated into a delicious vanilla ice cream base.

37. Blueberry Mascarpone Ice Cream

This is another ritzy ice cream, but if you’re in the mood for something a little more sophisticated, give this recipe a try. Don’t let it scare you, though. The ingredients are basic, and it looks divine!

38. Cherry Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate covered cherries? You can now have that same delicious flavor in this amazing ice cream. Don’t delay! Make this recipe as soon as you can.

39. Fried Ice Cream

Let’s say you want ice cream, but you aren’t in the mood for typical ice cream. That’s cool! I’ve still got you covered. You can have your ice cream fix, but it can have a crunchy outer layer because it isn’t simply ice cream. It’s fried ice cream!

40. Pineapple Dole Whip Ice Cream

If you’ve ever gone to Disney World or Disney Land, you may have tried their Dole Whip. If you’re craving this flavor but can’t get to the theme park, give this ice cream recipe a try. It may meet your pineapple craving.

41. Homemade Cookie Monster Ice Cream

If you love the Cookie Monster, you’ll love this ice cream. It literally looks just like the character. It’s a vanilla based ice cream with blue food coloring filled with a variety of cookies. This is a fun ice cream perfect for the whole family.

42. Bailey’s Ice Cream with Chocolate Chips

Do you like the flavor of Bailey’s Irish liqueur? You’re in for a treat with this ice cream. It’s a vanilla based ice cream, loaded with chocolate chips, and a booze-flavored finish of Bailey’s.

43.  Peanut Butter Butterfinger Ice Cream

This ice cream is coming at you with a variety of flavors. It begins with a peanut butter flavored ice cream. Add some Butterfinger chunks to the mix, and you have one amazing treat!

44. Kit Kat Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Are you in love with the idea of salted caramel flavored ice cream? Prepare to blow your top because this ice cream is all of that with chunks of Kit Kat bar in the mix. Sounds delicious!

45. Cotton Candy Ice Cream

Feel like you’re taking a trip to the fair without ever leaving your home. How? By making a batch of homemade cotton candy ice cream. Everyone will be screaming for ice cream with this recipe.

46. Honey’d Fig and Goat Cheese Ice Cream

This ice cream is a homesteader’s dream. It caught my eye because some of my friends (and myself) raise figs, but we’re always wondering what to do with them. This ice cream solves the problem in a delicious way!

47. Christmas Cookie Ice Cream

Are you feeling like Christmas in July? Don’t get the blues. Embrace it by getting your Christmas cookie fix. Instead of making your house hot by baking, make this delicious Christmas cookie ice cream.

48. Avocado Ice Cream

Before you turn your nose up, I couldn’t forget about my vegan friends in this post. For those who want ice cream without the dairy, you’ll be glad to know you can make a delicious vegan ice cream by using an avocado base. This recipe requires no machines and creates a fresh, minty ice cream in 4 hours!

49. Red Velvet Ice Cream

If you love red velvet cake, you’re in for a wonderful surprise. You can now have all that red velvet flavor in your ice cream! It’s easy and delicious. Aren’t you glad I shared this surprise with you?

50. Tiramisu Ice Cream

Love tiramisu? Tune into this ice cream recipe. You can have a delicious tiramisu ice cream with or without an ice cream maker! Yep…all you need are a few basic ingredients, and you’re on your way to deliciousness.

51. Dr. Pepper Ice Cream

We’re going to end this list with a bang. Are you ready? If you’re a Dr. Pepper fan, you can do more than just drink it or make a float with it. Now, friends, you can have Dr. Pepper flavored ice cream! It does require an ice cream maker, but it only has three ingredients. It’s okay…you can do a happy dance. 😊

This concludes our trip around the internet for some of the best, most flavorful, and quite unique ice cream recipes.

Hopefully, they’ll make your summer a little more delicious.

Before I leave you, here are a few pieces of equipment that may make your “ice cream making summer” a little easier:

·       Ice cream maker

·       Ice cream scoop

·       Rock salt

·       Ice maker

·       Bread pan (for freezing your no-churn ice cream)

Have fun making ice cream and wonderful memories with loved ones!