DIY Fire Pit: Build this Charming Area in 4 Steps

Imagine it. A DIY fire pit you can afford.

Dream of summer nights, sitting around a fire outside, roasting marshmallows, and laughing with friends. Doesn’t this sound awesome?

This can be your reality. How do I know? Because it’s my reality. We built a gorgeous DIY fire pit area all by ourselves.

It was pretty simple to do, didn’t cost an arm and a leg, and we’re thrilled with it. This is how we built our own DIY fire pit area:

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1. Lay the Foundation to Your DIY Fire Pit

We wanted our fire pit to be its own designated space. This meant it would need to have rock laid and an outline of some sort to separate it from the rest of our yard.

The project started by laying plastic over the portion of the yard where we wanted to place the fire pit. We had extra greenhouse plastic we weren’t using. You could use a tarp or weed barrier instead.

Make sure you lay plastic over the area a little larger than you intend the area to be. This will ensure the plastic is secured under the barrier. You don’t want plastic peeling up in your fire pit area. It could become a trip-hazard.

The idea behind laying plastic is to make sure that no grass can grow up through your ground cover. It will deter weeds and keep your area looking nicer.

Once we had the grass under control, we used landscaping timbers to mark off the border. They were driven into the ground with stakes. Don’t overexert yourself driving stakes through the landscaping timbers. It’s easier if you pre-drill your holes.

This is where you’ll cut away any excess plastic sticking out beyond the border.

After the landscaping timbers are applied, fill the area with rock. You can purchase some from a local rock query (if you have the ability to haul it yourself.)  If not, check local ads to see about having rock delivered to your home.

2. Pick Your Chairs for the DIY Fire Pit

We have had some experience building fire pits. At our former home, we built a different style fire pit.  It had swings around it.(Similar to this one.) This is great for a normal-sized family.

As my mom says, “We’re the Paul Bunyan family.” Therefore, swings don’t really work for us for height and weight reasons.

Instead, we decided to build unique benches. My husband is an excellent carpenter, and I love these benches.

If you aren’t into building your own seating you could always buy benches or find some second hand. If you’d rather build chairs for your seating, consider an Adirondack chair.  

Once you have your seating under control, add them to the area, and you’re almost ready to utilize your new DIY fire pit area.

3. Build the DIY Fire Pit

There are a variety of ways to build a fire pit. You can use cinder block, stones, or purchase a fire pit. We chose to build our fire pit out of decorative landscaping bricks.

We decided how large around we wanted the fire pit by trial and error. Once we developed the right size, we added a second layer of stones by offsetting them from the first layer.

The fire pit ended up being three layers high. You could go taller if you choose, but this is a personal preference.

Each layer of stone should offset the layer before it. This helps make the fire pit have greater stability.

When your fire pit is fully constructed, you’re ready to rock and roll!

4. Beautify It

My husband is all about functionality. I, however, want a space to be beautiful and functional. In my language, it means our DIY fire pit area needed flowers and a pop of color.

We constructed cinder block planters by stacking cinder blocks in a small square where it could hold a potted plant.

The planters are two layers high. Again, you could go higher or lower, depending upon your preferences.

I purchased hanging baskets and sat them inside the cinder blocks. We also constructed a firewood holder out of cinder blocks. Are you seeing a theme here?

The firewood holder is two cinder blocks sitting adjacent from each other. We placed two 2×4’s in each cinder block. It’s an inexpensive holder that works well.

Building your own DIY fire pit area doesn’t need to be costly or difficult. Our fire pit area is pretty simple, but I’m in love with it.

I love that it’s inviting but also comfortable. Having benches with backs is a tremendous help in this area.

I hope our DIY fire pit area inspires you as you search for more ways to make your home unique and enjoyable!