10 Ways to Celebrate Easter at Home

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Cancel Easter?

Not in my house. It’s my favorite holiday! Yet, I’m hearing of many who are seriously considering calling off Easter this year because of the pandemic.

First of all, let me say this upfront, you CAN’T cancel Easter. Easter isn’t only a holiday that children hunt eggs, get candy or Easter baskets, and show up to church in a fancy outfit.

Easter is the day we celebrate our risen Savior! I don’t care what’s going on in the world or how different things may look, a day like that does NOT get cancelled in our homes or hearts. 

Even if I tried to “ignore” Easter, how could I? I technically celebrate it every day within myself because I am so thankful for my Salvation! So, no friends, we don’t “cancel Easter” due to a pandemic. 

We simply change how we celebrate. Here are a few tips to help you celebrate Easter during a pandemic:

1. Change Up Your Sunday Wear

Photo by Joy Deb on Pexels.com

Many people are bummed because they can’t wear their new Easter dresses to church. Well, let’s change the perspective here.

You can still order clothing and get curbside pick-up. Yet, instead of going with Easter dresses and outfits, why not find fun Easter pajamas for the whole family.

It can be similar to what many do on Christmas Eve. The night before Easter, let everyone wear their new pajamas and slippers.

They can wake-up and wear those same pajamas to their online church service. It will still incorporate a tradition, but you’re adding a fun twist! 

2. Create a Cyber Scavenger Hunt

Photo by Breakingpic on Pexels.com

We can’t do an Easter egg hunt with friends this year. Our family tradition is to go to a local corn maze where they host an Easter egg drop. It’s where a helicopter drops eggs in the field, and the kids rush to pick them up.

They cash in their eggs for prizes and have a fun day at the maze learning about animals, playing on the playground, taking a train ride, etc. It’s a fun day!

Though we won’t be doing these things this year, why stop the fun? Many people are using the Zoom app and other apps to keep their kids in touch with their friends.

You can create a scavenger hunt (or borrow one if you aren’t super crafty.) Let the kids find what they need on the hunt at home or in their yards. 

They can take pictures and send them back and forth to each other while on the hunt. Most importantly, kids are competitive so by making it a race, they’ll get a kick out of it. 

Each child’s prize could be their Easter basket, a small bag of candy, or even a homemade baked good. It’s whatever you can do at this time, considering most are under stay-at-home orders and are simply trying to avoid illness. 

3. You Can Still Worship

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Easter isn’t about fancy clothes and Easter egg hunts. It’s about worshipping our risen Savior who died a horrible death on a cross to save the whole world from sin. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Jesus’ sacrifice for you, here’s a great resource

We should worship Jesus every day, but Easter is definitely a special day! Therefore, you should plug into an online Easter service.

Many churches are going live via Facebook during the pandemic. I encourage you to research what time they go live and make sure you and your family are in front of the TV or computer screen at that time Sunday morning. 

Hearing the Word of God can encourage you, challenge you, and refill a soul running on empty. I encourage you to seek Him every day, but especially on Easter by watching a streamed church service. 

4. Get the Family Involved in Service

Some people feel weird about watching a church service via a computer screen. They don’t know whether to sing, lift their hands in praise, or even bow their heads when they pray.

Here’s the great thing about a streamed service: you can press the pause button. If you want to have family prayer while the preacher is praying, click pause. 

Have your kids put together a special singing during the streamed church service. Again, you can pause and incorporate them into the worship service. 

And by all means, if the Holy Spirit is moving you to clap, raise a hand, or simply say, “Yes, Amen!” when you agree with what the preacher is saying, don’t quench the spirit. You’re in your home. Praise Him how you choose! We should do this anyway…even when we aren’t at home. 😉

5. Do a Family “Easter Project”

I got this idea when I was watching the children’s Wednesday night service at our church. Our church is hosting a kids’ service each week via live stream. If your church is doing this, I encourage you to partake in it. 

It’s good for your kids, it encourages them, and provides a sense of “normalcy” in an abnormal time. 

This week, go through your pantry. If you have non-perishable items that you aren’t going to use, be a blessing to others.

Find a Blessing Box (or make one if none are available in your community), and place the food in the box. 

Before you drop it in, add a note with a Bible verse and put some stickers on the packaging to make it look fun and festive.

You never know who is coming to get food from the box. You don’t know where their state of mind is or how much a word from the LORD and a festive canned good could change the course of their life. 

Be a blessing to others every week, but again, especially during the week of Easter. 

6. Study Each Day of Holy Week with Your Family

Whether you’re prepping for a quarantined Easter in advance, or you find yourself reading this the week of, make sure you study and prepare your heart for the Sunday that’s coming.

It’s beneficial to study what Jesus did each day of His last week on earth. It helps transition our minds to that time, think about what He experienced, and use this as a time of reflection.

This time at home is a gift because you should have extra time to study and prepare your heart for the celebration ahead! 

7. Fix a Delicious Meal

I know stores are limited on supplies right now, but you probably still have a few ingredients at home to whip up a special meal for Easter.

Look at what you have on hand and make something special to still celebrate the day! It may look different than previous Easter celebrations, but that’s okay.

You could make a special picnic lunch and eat outside on your deck, in your yard, or on your swingset. 

If you have food in the freezer, now is a great time to pull it out. I have an extra turkey I bought at Thanksgiving and was considering cooking it for Easter.

Any leftovers, I can repurpose into a variety of other meals. 

If you have flour, you can make easy yeast rolls. Any canned vegetables make a delicious side item to an Easter meal. And this year, you’ll have time to make tasty homemade desserts!

Enjoy the extra time at home, pull out your culinary skills, and put them to work. (P.S. Don’t be afraid to get the family involved. Many hands make light work!)

8. Watch Old Videos of Easter Church Presentations

Many churches do a variety of special presentations on Easter morning to celebrate the day. We have participated in cardboard testimonies, our church has done an interpretive dance (similar to this) with the youth, and some churches do Easter plays as well.

If your church has shared these events via Facebook or YouTube, pull them back up and watch them. 

Take the time to go down memory lane and allow your heart to be blessed with all the fond memories you’ve shared through your local church or with your family! 

9. Watch TV

If you don’t have any previous church presentations to pull from, search the internet for the best Easter movies

You could even create a fun movie night out of it. If you have a firepit, create an outdoor movie station from it. 

Place a large white sheet a safe distance from the fire, and use a projector to play the movie from your phone or computer.

Everyone could roast marshmallows, roast hot dogs, and watch a movie about our Savior. What a fun memory to be made in celebration of Him!

10. Do Communion

I got this idea from my mom because her pastor recommended it to their church. Take communion this week. 

It’s okay to use what you have. If you have a cracker or a piece of bread, that’s perfect for representing the body of Christ. If you have grape juice, or another beverage, it will still represent His blood. 

No, it may not be the “norm,” but ultimately, it’s about our heart…not traditions. I hadn’t considered doing this before speaking with my mom, but I believe we’ll be taking communion as a family this Easter…right in our living room. 

I hope this shows you that Easter doesn’t need to be cancelled because we’re in quarantine.

Instead, it’s an opportunity to celebrate in new ways, make new memories, and realize that we can celebrate Christ anywhere!

I hope everyone has an amazing Easter this year! Stay healthy, friends!  

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