A Laundry Routine That Works + Helpful Sock Hack

Laundry Routine that Really Works

Do you feel like your laundry routine (or lack there of) is allowing laundry to take over your home? I feel you. 

When I first got married, keeping a clean home and the laundry done wasn’t such a struggle. Once kids got added into the mix, I floundered for a solid year trying to figure out how to get it all done.

My mom gave me the book, Large Family Logistics, and it changed my life (and the way I kept house.)

I don’t follow every rule from this book, but  it taught me a few tricks about developing a laundry routine that works.

If you need help keeping laundry in check around your home, I’m glad to help. Hopefully these tips will be a benefit to you:

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1. A Family Laundry Hamper Can Help Your Laundry Routine

Laundry routine 1

This made such a difference in my laundry routine, and I wish I had found it sooner. When you have multiple clothes hampers, you accumulate mass amounts of laundry much faster.

When you utilize a family clothes hamper, it overflows sooner. This is great because when the hamper is full it’s time to do laundry.

Instead of washing 10 loads in a day, you’ll only need to wash three to four loads at a time. This takes less time and is much less overwhelming than doing mass amounts of laundry at once. 

2. Presort to Make Your Laundry Routine Easier

If you decide to switch to a family hamper, may I recommend going with the kind that presorts your clothing?

We have one that has three slots. I have one for whites and towels, one for darks, and one for brights. 

I don’t wash until all three slots are full. If you have one that’s bursting at the seams, obviously, do a load of laundry.

But if you don’t need to, wash them when all slots of the hamper are full for simplicity’s sake.

3. Specific Laundry Days

When I first started managing a home with multiple children, I tried to do laundry every day in an effort to stay on top of it.

That was the.worst.mistake. Why? Because I always had laundry going. When life happened, the clothes in the washer or dryer were forgotten.

Plus, you dread laundry because it feels like a ball and chain you can’t escape. Finally, I said, “Enough!”

That’s when I changed up my laundry routine for good. We switched to one hamper and having specific laundry days.

In our house, I wash sheets on Mondays along with all the other clothes in the hamper. I don’t wash clothes again until Thursday. 

If we have an extremely messy week, I may do another load on Saturday. That’s only if I have no choice.

This allows me to have certain days where I think about laundry and make sure it gets done in one day.

On the other days, laundry is the farthest thing from my mind. 

Plus, this helps me use less of the laundry products on my shelf. Therefore, keeping me on budget

4. Fold Immediately

Laundry routine 2

Did you know clean laundry can be a bigger burden than dirty laundry? Once the clothes come out of the dryer, if they aren’t dealt with immediately, they just become another pile.

Don’t fall into this trap. When a load of laundry gets done, fold it. You can either put it in a laundry basket and carry the clothes to a flat surface to fold, or fold them as you pull them out of the dryer.

When we had more people in our household, I had to fold my laundry where I had a large surface because we had more clothes.

As my kids have gotten older and are moving out, I now can get away with folding them as I pull them out of the dryer. 

Once folded, I either stack them on our kitchen table and all the clothes are put away at once, or I ask everyone to put their pile of clean, folded clothes away right then. 

5. Iron at the End

Laundry routine 3

I’ll be honest, I don’t iron many clothes. Our church clothes are items I do insist upon ironing

However, I don’t do as my grandmother did. She would keep her ironing board up all day while she was doing laundry.

When clothes came out, which needed ironing, she’d do it right then. My house is too small, and I have small animals that could knock over a hot iron (which would be a catastrophe.)

Instead, I keep all the clothes that need ironing in a separate pile until the last load is folded. At this point, I iron the necessary items, and my laundry is officially done. 

6. Don’t Lose the Socks

I hate folding socks. I’m not even going to be polite about it. I hate the matching, the lost socks, and how they get hung up in other clothing items.

I’m not sure where I got the idea, but I’m thankful to whomever posted it on the internet years ago. 

I keep an old pillowcase on hand in my laundry room. While I’m doing laundry, I pull out any dirty socks and place them in this pillowcase.

When my last load is ready to go into the wash, I tie a knot in the pillowcase filled with socks, and toss it in.

The socks are washed and dried in the pillowcase. When I’m ready to fold socks, I open the pillowcase, dump out the socks, and fold them. 

No socks get lost when they’re tucked neatly into a secured pillowcase. 

If you’re tired of laundry taking over your home, I hope this routine and my few tips help you. Go try them out and see which (if any) make your laundry routine run a little more smoothly.

Happy house keeping! 

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