Successful New Year Tips: 6 Ways to Have a Great Year

6 useful tips for a successful new year

Are you tired of making endless New Year’s resolutions only to fall short of your dream of having a successful new year?

I get it. 

I’m one of those people that loves a new year because it’s a new beginning. We all need a fresh start from time-to-time, don’t we?

Instead of beating yourself up with unrealistic resolutions, let’s discuss how you can make this new year a new opportunity for yourself and hopefully find success.

If you’re interested in having a successful new year, here are a few tips that may help:

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1. Set Realistic Goals

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One reason we fail every year when creating resolutions is because we set ourselves up for failure from the start.

It’s a great thing to have goals, but they must be realistic. For instance, if you’re 300 pounds overweight, don’t create a goal to lose all 300 pounds in a year. 

If you’re hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, don’t set a goal to pay off all your debt in one year (unless you have a massive income!)

Look at what your long-term goals are and then pull out small chunks of those goals to accomplish for the year.

Those small chunks will be your first steps. Once you learn how to crawl in the right direction, you’ll be ready to run in the future. Don’t be ashamed to start small. 

2. Write Down Goals

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Once you’ve got your smaller goals in mind, write them down. If you’re like me, your life can be hectic.

I can’t remember what I had for lunch, let alone what I’m supposed to be doing the entire year. Make life easier by writing down your goals. You can use a goal planner to make this even easier. 

Not to mention, this is a great list to pull out and keep yourself motivated when you need a kick in the pants to keep going.

Again, because I lose things easily, I created a resolution list on my phone and computer. This way, my goals are easy to keep up with. 

3. Say “No” to Self to Have a Successful New Year

If you aren’t prepared to tell yourself “no”, you shouldn’t even bother making a resolution list for the New Year.

This may sound harsh, but it’s the truth. If you want to start a business, you must say “no” to the doubt and negative comments you speak over yourself.

If you want to lose weight, you must say “no” to the foods that stop you from leading a healthier lifestyle.

Looking to dig out of debt? You must tell yourself “no” when you want to make unwise financial decisions. 

Whatever your goals are for this new year, you must be prepared to deny yourself where necessary to accomplish them. 

4. Create Mini-Milestones to Mark Out a Successful New Year

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I have big goals for this new year. My husband and I are focused on our financial health, physical health, spiritual health, and business health.

What does all of this mean? We’re trying to get out of debt, lose weight, walk closer with Jesus, and I’m trying to birth a business.

Does that sound like a lot? It’s probably because it is, but I’ve prayed over it and know this is what God wants to do through me this year. 

However, I know I must create small milestones for myself. Otherwise, I’m going to fall off the bandwagon when the going gets tough (and believe me, I know it will!) 

You can’t start moving mountains in your life and not get a little weighed down from time to time. 

My mini-milestones are:

  • Monthly weigh-ins to stay motivated
  • A chart to mark off our debts as they’re paid
  • A balance sheet to document income from business to see how it grows over the course of a year
  • An app that tracks the days I read my Bible to keep me motivated if I feel distant from God

Resolutions are a declaration of war over the bad habits in our lives. If you think you won’t receive some push-back from the enemy, you’re fooling yourself.

Therefore, create a plan of how you can mark your milestones, celebrate small victories, and keep yourself motivated when the going gets tough. 

5. Stay in the Word for a Successful New Year…and Life

This next step is vital for a successful new year. If you assume you’ll conquer your bad habits by yourself, you’re wrong.

You have to allow God to work through you, speak to you, and mold you into who He wants you to become.

How do you grow closer to God? By talking to Him because praying is your way of speaking to Him. Opening your Bible and studying it is how He speaks to us.

Open your Bible, stay in the Word, and have faith that the God who created you is capable of molding you anyway He chooses in this new year. 

6. Find the Why and Focus on It for a Successful New Year

The last tip for having a successful new year is asking yourself why you want to accomplish the goals you’ve set.

If you don’t know why you want to accomplish your goals, you won’t. Once you’ve got your “why”, make it your main focus.

On the days when things get tough, and you want to bail out on your goals, pull your “why” out of your back pocket and allow it to push you forward.

Most of us look at a new year as a fresh start. Like most fresh starts, we want to make changes from who we’ve been.

What are your goals for the year? Start by making a note of what you hope to accomplish and follow the steps above. Hopefully this will be a year of productivity and self-improvement for all of us. 

Best of luck to you on your successful new year!