How to Do Christmas Cheap with These 19 Tips

How to Do Christmas on the Cheap with These 19 Tips

Are you interested learning how to do Christmas cheap this year?

Well, friends, Christmas is right around the corner, so if you’re going to figure it out now is the time.

Don’t let lack of funds get you down this holiday season. Instead, try approaching Christmas differently this year.

I’ve compiled a list of a few ways to save money when decorating or shopping for Christmas. Hopefully these tips will help lower your stress levels and allow you to enjoy the season by learning how to do Christmas cheap.

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1. The Old-Fashioned Budget Can Help You Learn How to Do Christmas Cheap

Budgeting for learning how to do Christmas cheap

We can’t discuss saving money around the holidays without first discussing  budget. If you don’t set a budget for your holiday spending (and stick to it) you’re doomed from the start.

Take a good look at your finances and figure out what you can afford. Make sure you have a plan for how you’ll pay for each gift. Don’t spend the next year paying for what you bought during the month of December. 

Starting Christmas off with a budget is key for developing a plan on how to do Christmas cheap.

2. Create a Plan for How to Do Christmas Cheap

Once you know what your budget is, create a plan for how you’ll make it work. Decide who you plan on buying gifts for and who will get a card in the mail.

Don’t be afraid to only buy gifts for those closest to you. This season isn’t about what you buy. It’s a great time to let others know you’re thinking of them whether that means sending them a pretty Christmas card, baking them some Christmas cookies, or buying them a small gift. 

3. Pull That Old Gift Out of the Closet

Some people may find this a bit tacky, but I’m going to throw it out there anyway. Have you ever been given a gift that you knew from the time you opened it, you’d never use it?

Don’t let the gift continue to collect dust in your closet. Pull it out, dust it off, and give it to someone who may really like it. 

4. DIY Your Decor

Create this festive garland from Create.Craft.Love.

We moved to a smaller house a few years ago, and I had to revamp how I decorated for Christmas because all my old stuff wouldn’t fit.

My mom made me some adorable DIY Christmas decorations, and I love them. Before you shop for new decorations, see what you can make yourself. Also, consider going with a live tree if money is short this year. They’re usually cheaper than purchasing an artificial tree. 

5. DIY the Gifts Too

Since you’re decorating your home in DIY fashion, don’t be afraid to DIY your gifts either. If you have a particular talent for painting, sewing, or crocheting use it to make your gifts.

My mother-in-law was the craftiest woman I’ve probably ever known. She made us homemade gifts every year. Those DIY gifts now bring a smile to my face when I come across them because they contain wonderful memories of her. 

6. Putting Your Credit Card Rewards to Good Use is Great When Learning How to Do Christmas Cheap

Credit card rewards when learning how to do Christmas on the cheap

I’m not advocating credit cards, but if you have credit cards that give you rewards, this is the time of year to use them. 

You can cash out your rewards and use them to cushion your Christmas budget. This is a great way to shop for Christmas without ever touching your checking account. 

7. Start an Acorns Account…for Next Year

This tip is a little late for this year, but if you don’t already have an Acorns account, I highly recommend you get one.

Acorns is an app that rolls over your change from every purchase you make with a linked card. It transfers into an account where the money is invested in a variety of stocks. This is how we fund our Christmas budget, and it has worked well for us over the past two years. 

8. Know When to Say “No!” When Learning How to Do Christmas Cheap

There’s a lot of pressure around the holidays to spend as “everyone” does. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never really cared what everyone else does.

You can’t simply follow the crowd when it puts you in a pickle with finances. It’s okay to do Christmas differently. Give yourself permission.  

9. Combine Orders to Do Christmas Cheap

I don’t shop outside of the grocery store (if I can help it.) If you try to avoid brick and mortar stores too, shop online.

However, if you shop online, try to combine your orders. This will help you save on shipping costs in some cases. 

Don’t forget to sign-up for Amazon Prime!

10. Let’s Get Together

Kids ask for expensive gifts sometimes. There are so many electronics that they can’t help but want them.

Instead of feeling like you must go it alone, why not ask others who are purchasing your kids’ gifts to make an expensive electronic a group gift. That way your children still get what they want but no one has to sell plasma to fund it. 

11. Go for Experiences

A few years ago, my husband and I decided our kids had enough “stuff.” It was time to stop buying and start living.

From there, we started going for experiences over more clutter. Oddly enough, it saved us money. Consider buying people on your shopping list an experience over the latest gadget. 

12. Make Coupons Work for You

Stocking stuffers can eat into your Christmas budget like nobody’s business. If you coupon, consider shopping your local pharmacies for amazing deals on stocking stuffers.

Many times you can find coupons or earn store rewards for buying things like candy, make-up, socks, and other neat gifts that people like to receive in their stockings. Southern Savers is a great website to let you know which stores are hosting what sales. They also match up coupons for you and offer printable links for coupons. 

13. Shop the Clearance Section

Don’t ever be too proud to shop the clearance rack. This is the time of year when stores will host great sales. 

Browse the internet, look at the flyers being emailed to you, and stop at every clearance section you see to find gifts for a bargain price.

14. Four Gift Maximum

Before we started buying experiences over gifts, my husband and I found that having a four gift maximum rule was an excellent way to do Christmas cheap. 

This stopped us from overspending and only purchasing what our kids really needed or wanted. We decided to buy something you want, need, wear, and read.

15. Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a great way for larger families to have a fun Christmas without spending a boat load of money. 

You set a limit as to how much each gift can cost, everyone draws a name out of the hat, and you only buy one gift each. If you prefer technology, there’s a site that will help you organize your Secret Santa online

16. Search for Promo Codes

Online shopping is a great way to save money when buying gifts for the holidays. Many stores offer promo codes during this time.

Before you pay full price for anything during the holiday season, do a quick Google search. Look for promo codes for the store you’re shopping at to make sure you aren’t missing out on a great discount.

17. Gift Cards Can Help You Do Christmas Cheap

Around the holidays, there are a variety of ways to save with gift cards. To start, if you have an old gift card, don’t be afraid to regift it (as long as it hasn’t been used.) 

You can also get store rewards when buying gift cards at select stores during this time of year. (Again, check your flyers.) If you have old gift cards, use them to purchase new gifts for the holiday season. 

18. Second Hand Gifts

I know some people are funny about buying used items as a gift but hear me out. My husband farms, and if I tried to buy every tractor attachment he wanted new, we’d be in the poor house.

However, if I know he wants something, I’ll look on Facebook Marketplace to see if I can buy it used. He doesn’t care if someone had it before him. He’s just tickled to have what he wanted, and I’m glad I didn’t have to sell a limb to get it for him. 

19. Bake Your Presents

The final stop on our money saving tour is to bake anyone you can a gift. Baking is inexpensive and thoughtful. 

Baked goods make excellent gifts for teachers, friends, postal workers, and others whom we appreciate. Be sure to list ingredients in case someone has an allergy. 

You now have 19 different ways to do Christmas on the cheap this year. I hope these ideas help you enjoy this holiday season instead of fretting over it.

May you all enjoy your holiday season and save lots of money in the process! 

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